Heatproof Your House To Keep It Cool This Summer

The hot summer days that we dread the most are looming on our heads and the time is not far away when the heat will become unbearable. Some houses tend to overheat during the high summer day temperatures and people are on the lookout for ways to stay as cool as possible. While air conditioning is the most common form of relieving yourself from the heat, it may not be the most economical option and may break your bank.

Heat-proofing your home requires a thorough inspection of the entire house and ensuring that any loopholes that exist are eliminated. You could take the help of professional services to ensure full-proof work. This will also help you keep your home secure during the summer when you are busy enjoying by the poolside in the backyard, leaving your door ajar, creating an opportunity for burglars to get in.

Seal those gaps

Any window or door seals that might have worn out over time, need a quick fix before the summer approaches in full swing. Sealed windows prevent the cool air from escaping through the house and contains the coolness within, reducing the pressure on your energy bills. Even refrigerators rely on the same mechanism and any leakage in the seal only puts an unnecessary burden on the appliance.

So take the necessary precautionary measures before the summers take a toll on your financial health.

Change your curtains and sheets

Replacing the dark-coloured winter curtains with light-coloured ones, preferably white ones should be your first step to heat-proof your room. Long window curtains do not only keep the room breezy but are also effective in completely blocking off the sunlight. Remember that white colour is a good reflector of sunlight.

For those who use blinds for their windows, honeycomb style is recommended, so that even if the sunlight enters through the window, it does not penetrate into the room, keeping the coolness intact. This will transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Woven and bamboo shades add a contemporary look to your interior all the while shielding you from the summer sun.

Install ceiling fans

Getting ceiling fans installed in your room is a no-brainer. Counterclockwise rotations helps the warm air to descend and cool air to rise, making the room airy. Also, keep in mind, that the ceiling fans only be opened when you are physically present in the room as they do not cool the room.

P.S: turn on your exhaust fans after cooking a meal or taking a hot bath, to let the hot air escape out of the house.

Cool yourself inside out

Smart summer choices will help you stay cool inside out, no matter how hot it is outside.

  • Coat your windows with a reflective film.
  • Ensure your house is cleaned regularly and properly, preferably by a professional domestic cleaning service. This will keep the dust and grime away, ensuring a breezy and airy environment.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs.
  • Insulate the attic to prevent accumulation of heat in the upper part of the house which inadvertently spreads throughout the house.
  • Heat-proof your bed.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, and take in as much cold beverages as possible.
  • Wear, light, cotton attire. Avoid dark colours and summarize your wardrobe by keeping it a summery shade of creams and whites.
  • Keep a bowl of cool water beside your bed and dip your feet whenever you feel hot during the night.
  • Get your air-conditioner serviced and increase the energy efficiency at your home.

Take the cooking outside

Night-time temperatures during summers are comparatively cooler, so why not take advantage of that? Make the most of the BBQ grill or the outdoor furniture that has been lying outside since forever! Yes, take your cooking for the summer, outside!

Common sense says that using your oven or stove inside the house, inevitably raises the indoor temperature, making it stuffy and claustrophobic inside. Let the breeze flow and keep your house properly ventilated.

Long-term improvements for a sustainable living

Certain amendments to your surroundings can make it work for you in the long run. These can be in the form of insulations, installing awnings and planting vines and trees, to not make the environment greener but also shield the house from unwanted ultra-violet radiation. It’s worth the investment. And to top it all, do not forget to invest in the maintenance of your house, as a proper follow-up is essential to preserving the life of the changes that you make in your surroundings.

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