Tips To Protect Jewellery When Travelling

If you’re heading on holiday, we know you’ll want to look after your jewellery collection! So, we’re here with some simple tips to help protect your jewellery when travelling, from how to keep it safe during transit to keeping it in the best condition when you’re away, whether you’re heading to explore London, Sydney or anywhere in between! These are simple, effective and will help you to keep your jewellery looking incredible whilst you’re on holiday. 

Take A Travel Jewellery Box

The first thing you should do to protect your jewellery when travelling is to take a travel jewellery box. You can get these online and they’re miniature versions of a jewellery box with different compartments for your different jewellery! It helps to make sure everything stays in one place, you can keep everything separate and nothing gets damaged on the way, particularly things like dainty gold bracelets and rings. They’re usually lined with a soft material so you know everything will stay safe. Avoid putting anything in the same compartment with another piece, as not only might it get tangled, but it could also maybe cause damage along the way. This takes up barely any space but helps you to keep everything safe and in perfect condition. 

Pack It In Your Hand Luggage

We all know how often luggage gets lost in transit, so if you’re taking jewellery away, particularly expensive or sentimental jewellery, then keeping it on you at all times in your hand luggage is so important. Whether your case gets damaged and something falls out or someone manages to get into your case if it isn’t locked, this helps to cover all bases and also give you piece of mind during your travels that your prized possessions are safe and sound with you! 

Avoid Wearing It In Water

Once you arrive at your destination, it’s important to avoid wearing your jewellery in water. This is especially important if your jewellery isn’t solid gold or sterling silver, as they are particularly at risk of getting damaged. Even though you can wear solid gold or sterling silver in water, it could cause damage over time if the chemicals are strong and also, you’re running a risk of losing jewellery if you’re swimming or playing around in the ocean. It’s safest just to avoid wearing your jewellery in the water altogether. 

Let Lotions Absorb Before Wearing Jewellery

Another thing to consider is that you should let lotions absorb before wearing jewellery. Things like suncream and aftersun can be really damaging to jewellery over time, getting stuck in settings and being hard to clean out. It can also potentially loosen settings, so it’s just worth allowing lotions to absorb completely if you are going to be wearing jewellery. You could also consider just wearing jewellery that won’t be directly on the skin where you’ve applied lotions, such as earrings for example. Either way, just be cautious of wearing jewellery with lotions. 

Keep Out Of Extreme Temperatures

Another thing you need to do is avoid having your jewellery in extreme temperatures. Whether you’re heading on a ski holiday or a beach holiday, exposing jewellery to very hot or cold weather too often is bad for your jewellery, so if you’re heading out in either type of weather it would be worth leaving your jewellery at home.

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