Clothes That You Need To Pack For Your Lad’s Holiday

There is nothing more exciting than the build-up towards your lad’s holiday. The panic in the group chat with some of them asking what they needed to bring. You always have that one friend who asks what book others are bringing for the holiday. Then you have that occasional friend who stays quiet and lets all the madness happen as he packed weeks ago. 

However, amongst reading the group chat and making sure you don’t miss the time for the pick up for the taxi. You need to make sure you have everything and the best way to do that is to make a checklist 2-3 weeks before your holiday. Let’s look at what you need to pack for your lad’s holiday. 


We are going to start with the basics and that is clothes. You need to make sure you have a variety of t-shirts and shirts. 

T-Shirts and Shorts

If you are going on holiday for seven days, you must pack seven T-shirts. If you are going on holiday for five days then you need to pack five T-shirts. You get the gist. However, when it comes to your shorts, you don’t need to bring that many. We recommend around three or four pairs of shorts for your holiday, depending on how much you can take. 

Swimming Shorts

Swimming shorts are also a must if you are near a beach, water park, or you have a swimming pool. Again, we recommend you take three pairs of swimming shorts with you so you have that variety. 


Time to discuss the underwear and there is a simple saying for this. You can never pack too little underwear. You need to have more than seven pairs of socks and underwear because you never know what can happen. Just prepare for the worst and you should be well prepared for the holiday. 


Packing footwear is something that we lads are very good at. It is very simple because all we need is one basic pair of trainers that will go with all our outfits. You also need a pair of flip-flops or sliders around the pool or when you are going to the local shop to stack up on pre-drinks. That is all you need for the footwear.

To Summarise

There you have it, your ultimate checklist for when you pack for your lad’s holiday. Don’t forget sunglasses and hats either. Again, you only need one of each so make sure you don’t overpack on this. 

Packing for your lad’s holiday should be simple and you don’t need to overthink it. All you need to pack is enough for each day. You don’t need to go overboard. You also don’t need to worry about packing suncream or a beach towel because you can get them when you are over there. The same goes for toothpaste, deodorant and anything else you need to keep you smelling nice. However, don’t forget a bottle of aftershave unless you are willing to get a new bottle in the duty-free at the airport as you strut around in your favourite mens full tracksuit.

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