How To Make More Sustainable Fashion Choices

So many more people are making the effort to be more sustainable with their fashion choices, as it not only helps to save you money, but is also fantastic for the environment. There are some really small changes that you can make to your routine to become more sustainable, and we’re here to introduce them to you! Super simple yet with a big impact, get ready to start making more sustainable choices. 

Shop Second Hand

The best thing you can do when it comes to making more sustainable fashion choices is to buy second-hand. Shopping in charity shops, thrift shops and online second-hand shops and apps is fantastic in terms of sustainability, as you are making sure the clothes aren’t going to waste, and you are also reducing the demand for brand new clothing to be made. Not only this, but you can buy much better quality for less money, so your clothes should last longer! For example, you could buy a great pair of denim jeans second hand that are fantastic quality. Shopping second hand is also great if you know you won’t be able to wear something very often, for example if you’re looking for new going out dresses and you know you will only wear it perhaps once every few months. After you’ve worn it a few times, you can then pass it onto your friends! Overall, second hand shopping is fantastic both financially and for the environment. 

Do The 30 Wears Test

Another thing you can do to make sure you’re making more sustainable fashion choices is to do the 30 wears test. Before you buy anything, ask yourself if you will wear it at least 30 times. If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t be buying it! This is a rough estimate to help figure out if the amount of times you will wear it will outweigh the environmental impact. If you really love something and know you might only wear it a few times, as mentioned, make sure that you pass it on to someone else in a sustainable way, either by selling it, donating it or passing it onto a friend. 

Try To Choose Staple Items

Something else you should be doing to shop more sustainably is to choose staple items. Rather than buying things that you can only wear for specific occasions, you should try to think about things you can wear for lots of different things! For example, if you buy a pair of leather trousers, you could wear them with heels and a bodysuit, you could wear it with an oversized jumper for work, you could wear them with a tank top and blazer for brunch, your options are endless. The key here is to choose things that you know you can mix and match really easily, to create endless combinations with only a few items! This will help you to feel like you’ve really refreshed your wardrobe without buying much at all.

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