Best Forms of Marketing For Dental Practices

Marketing for your dental practice is essential, as even if you are happy with your level of business, you should always be pushing for more if there is space for it! SEO is great for every kind of business, whether you’re a fashion brand, a restaurant or a company offering IVA advice. Yet, it’s also fantastic for dentists. That’s where great marketing comes in, and we’re here to discuss 3 of the best forms of marketing for dental businesses, which are SEO, email marketing and local social adverts! 


Dental SEO

The first type of marketing that you should be investing in for your business is dental SEO! SEO is a fantastic choice for dental practices for many different reasons. Firstly, it is very cost effective, as you only pay for the expertise of your SEO agency and then you appear for free in the search engine results pages. As well as this, with SEO, you can target people who are looking for exactly what it is that you offer. 


For example, a good SEO agency will carefully select keywords that are very closely related to exactly what you offer. So, if you are a dental practice based in Wolverhampton, offering Invisalign, then localised keywords like “Invisalign Wolverhampton” could be targeted. This will make sure that you are capturing users who are looking for a clinic exactly where yours is, as opposed to if you were to target national terms like “Invisalign” where it is very unlikely that people searching for that would be from where your dental clinic is. 

Overall, a strong SEO strategy can completely transform your dental practice! 


Email Marketing

As a dental practice, email marketing is another fantastic channel that you should utilise. You can gradually build up your email marketing list and then you have the opportunity to directly contact people who are interested in your dental practice, whether it be potential new customers or existing customers. For example, you could upsell different services and subscription packages and then you could also send out relevant and informative information to your patients to show them that you genuinely care about their oral health. It is important that you split up your email marketing list into different categories, most likely different age groups, to target them more specifically. You may target younger patients for cosmetic treatments and then older patients for restorative ones, for example. 


Local Social Adverts

Last but not least, from a brand awareness perspective, you could run local social adverts. This will include targeting people who live within a specific area near your practice and then showing them adverts about your business. This could be lifestyle type videos to introduce them to your practice or different offers you have running. The only downside with this is that it does require more budget, as you will pay for the advertising itself and then likely also an agency who will run the adverts for you. This being said, it can be an invaluable tool when it is done well, so just make sure that you select the right agency who understand your goals and show you tangible results in terms of enquiries, 

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