TOP Attractive Business Lunch Spots In Dallas

So, you are in Texas in business! Do you have special plans? Of course, you should start with Dallas, the main business center and the most popular touristic spot to start journey from. The city gives you broad opportunities to build up your business successfully. will offer you the best car of business or premium class for your business trip. The city gives you a big variety of hotels with specially equipped business and conference halls. But…who wants to discuss an important deal in a cold and boring conference room?

It will be much better to discuss your business questions over steaks or seafood instead? If you want your clients feel happy, jump in your car and check the most popular lunch spots in Dallas. But before…do you know what makes your business lunch successful? It’s not only about good restaurant! Red this!

Rules for business lunches

The most of people think that it is enough to be polite and order the best dishes to impress business partners or potential clients. Here’s a list of 5 important things NEVER EVER DO AT A BUSINESS LUNCH!

  1. Send an invitation to your partner and specify the restaurant, date or time. Of course, it is wrong, as your partner should know beforehand a date, time and place for a business lunch. The question “Would you go for lunch with me?” is not enough for your partner.
  2. Organize a lunch at a restaurant near you but far away from partners. It is rather wrong and impolite. The best variant is making lunch somewhere halfway.
  3. Organize a lunch without checking the restaurant open hours. Of course, you know that making your partners standing in a long line waiting for lunch is impolite. Check out your restaurant working hours and book a table beforehand.
  4. Drink too much. Business lunch is a time of drinking to celebrate your successful deal. But, do you really need a drink with your lunch?
  5. Argue about the food or the service. If something was wrong, food or service, don’t arguing about it. Just forget everything that was unpleasant.

Popular restaurants for business lunch in Dallas

Dallas car travel gives you the greatest opportunities for business lunching. Where to go?

Al Biernat’s

There is one impressive dish that makes your lunch marvelous. It’s lobster risotto. You may pick something else, the menu is different. It includes a list of meats and fish dishes and vegetable garnishes. What about drinks? The full bar offers a wide list of wines. Such a small detail as free WiFi will definitely help you to solve all business questions fast.

Bob’s Steak and Chop House

The restaurant welcomes you with a popular weekend dish Cote De Boeuf. The meat is served on the bone with creamed corn and fried calamari. The restaurant is very stylish and popular for lunching. There is a spot in Dallas, Grapevine, Fort Worth and Plano. Don’t learn the restaurant menu too long. The dishes are tasty and fresh. It is better to spend time for shopping in this region.

Sevy’s Grill

This popular place attracts business public for lunch every weekend. It is good for everyone who likes true American cuisine. How about having a bacon-wrapped quail or the rosemary chicken?

R&D Kitchen

This is a popular place in Dallas to try something spicy and hot. You are offered to try a spicy tuna roll, and Greek-style chicken. No problem to leave your car at a parking place for free. The place is simple but atmospheric. There is nothing to divert your attention from important problems, except for food.


Meet the best place in the city to try the tastiest steak and sea food for dinner. If you want something more interesting, you may try scallops. The prices for are half-cut to make this restaurant the best place for your good and potential clients.

Ocean Prime

Looking for simple lunch in American style, you may stop here to try classic American cheeseburger. If you need something specific and more impressive than cheeseburger, you need to try the Chilean sea bass. Traditionally, the restaurant can boast with a free parking and WiFi to solve your problems easily. But you cannot eat too much during the day. Business lunch welcomes you on happy hours only. It’s ok, as the portions are not big and optimistic.

Traveling across the city, it is better to learn the strong and weak places of the restaurants beforehand. Appointing meeting in Dallas, you have to know some impressive restaurants with pizzazz that must surely wow your clients. As a smart business traveller, try to learn about one or another restaurant and business lunch offers beforehand. Remember, there are many restaurants that try not only to feed but entertain your partners.

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