A Guide To Leeds For Uni Students

Leeds is one of the biggest towns in the north of England and is home to roughly 60,000 university students – making it a popular destination for students to move to. It is actually Yorkshire’s biggest city and has one of, if not the, fastest-growing economy in the country. It’s a hugely exciting place for students to live, with five universities, a thriving evening and nightlife culture, fantastic job opportunities and is comparably cheaper to other surrounding cities. 

Although it has a huge population, the city is much smaller than neighbouring cities Manchester and Liverpool, but it is because of this that many of the students heading to Leeds for their university studies aren’t too sure what living in the city is actually like. Let’s take a look at a guide to Leeds for university students and what they can expect from living there.

Best Places To Live in Leeds

All of the 5 universities in Leeds have halls of residence where students can stay, typically during their first year of studies. You’ll also find student halls located all around the city in a number of different areas. Those within the city centre will naturally be more expensive than those further out, but common student hall areas include Woodhouse, Headingley and Burley. 

It can be stressful to know which location or housing option is right for you as a student. There are many private halls and housing opportunities available to choose from as well if you don’t manage to find halls accommodation through your university, but these are much more expensive than house shares. Remember, choosing the right accommodation is a decision only you should make. It can be stressful, but it’s important to choose somewhere that is right for you. 

Transport In Leeds

Leeds is a fairly compact city in terms of travel, and most areas are within easy walking distance or are a short bus or train ride. Just like with any other city, there will be transport services offered through your university. 

The University of Leeds, for example, offers £1 fares to students between 7pm-1am every 30 minutes during term times, taking students from the union right to the halls. Bus is the cheapest way to travel around the city, but train is much quicker if you’re in a hurry. There are different season tickets available for students, but it’s worth waiting until you arrive and are settled before investing. 

Things To Do In Leeds

Leeds is a very vibrant and exciting city – there’s always something happening! As it’s right in the heart of Yorkshire, you’re just a short distance from other towns, such as York and Sheffield, as well as some of the most stunning countryside scenery in the UK. 


One of the biggest selling points for students to study in Leeds is the extensive nightlife options. From upscale bars to fun club nights and fancy dress student pub crawls, there’s so much to do! 


Leeds has often been dubbed “Knightsbridge of the North” due to the amount of boutique and designer stores it is home to. If you love a bit of shopping, then you’ll love Leeds and it has some of the best shopping centres in the UK, including Victoria Leeds and the Victorian Quarter arcades, which are not only home to great shops, but are stunning to look at. 

Eating Out

If you love eating out, then you’ll be spoiled for choice in Leeds. There are so many amazing food outlets, from leading chains to tucked-away independent restaurants, you’ll find it hard to choose somewhere to eat! No matter what food or cuisine you’re fancying, Leeds has it all, from Trinity Kitchen to Greek Street, and can be enjoyed both on a budget or if you fancy splashing out every now and then. 

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