Art Deco & Fashion

The Art Deco era was full of glitz and glam with some of the most iconic fashion and jewellery seen for centuries. Fashion for the Art Deco period was elegant, vivid in colour and was always accompanied by lavish jewellery here’s a look at Art Deco & Fashion.


Dresses in the 1920’s were beautiful, even to this day. Long floor length gowns were often worn in elegant yet vibrant colours. Slits in the leg were often visible on the tighter fitting dresses, but one thing that was very common on Art Deco dresses, was fringes, sequins and extravagant patterns.  

While knee, and mid calf dresses were also popular, the Art Deco style came mainly from the patterns, materials and colours used on the dresses.


To this day Art Deco jewellery is still one of the most desired styles, the revolutionary designs and the changes in manufacturing made jewellery from the 1920’s truly stand out. Their geometric patterns and abstract designs make Art Deco jewellery very easy to spot. It was also a time where sapphires, rubies and aquamarine stones were popular due to their brighter colours. Vintage Earrings often show inspiration from the 1920’s with larger semi precious stones used to make the jewellery stand out and shine.

Hair Styles

While bigger occasions required longer, more extravagant dresses, during the 1920’s the hair styles and dresses got shorter. Women in the 1920’s gained more freedom from previous oppressive traditions. This meant women were wearing clothes they wanted, styling their hair how they wanted and everything else in between. It’s said that the main reason behind the shorter hair trend was to show their freedom and choice, and going from long hair to short was likely one of the best ways to show this.

Flapper Fashion

Women in the 1920’s were often known as flappers, like a baby bird learning to fly on its own (constantly flapping their wings). Women gaining more independence meant they wanted to wear clothes and look how they wanted. Bustless, hipless masculine clothing was often worn by flappers as well as rolled down stockings. While skirts and dresses certainly got shorter, it by no means is short in today’s standard, wearing a mini skirt in the 1920’s meant that you were wearing a knee length skirt. 

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