5 Simple Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Retreat

Your bedroom is where your day starts and ends. This is why it should be comfortable to enable you to start your day on a high note as well soothing enough to offer you the peace and rest you need at the end of the day.

To achieve all this, you need to pay attention to your bedroom environment. The furniture you install, the design you opt for and the decorations you make, should all work in tandem towards making your bedroom a relaxing place to sleep and rest.

Here are simple practices you can implement today to transform your bedroom into a haven of sleep.

1. Get It Tidy

Arriving home after a stressful day only to be met by heaps of clothes and bedding is unpleasant, to say the least. To avoid such a mess in your bedroom, have bedding you only need at that particular time. The extras should be removed or placed in storage facilities.

If you can’t move them, use wardrobes, trunks, storage boxes and hanging lines to store them. You can even use the walls to hang clothes. Should you still need more space, then you can use your bedroom door as a last resort.

2. Make It Pleasing to The Eye

Even if the room looks tidy, it might not provide the comfort and rest you desire. Make your bedroom calming and appealing to the eye. You can easily achieve this by having an appropriate color for your bedroom.

Psychological studies indicate that colors affect your mood and some of the best colors for the bedroom include:

• Lavender
• Light brown
• Light green
• Light Blue

Thanks to the calming and relaxing tones of these colors, they help ease your breathing and even lower blood pressure. Once you have the colors sorted, consider adding things like nature paintings or wooden furniture to make the room cozier.

3. Reduce The Number of Electronics

What use are calming colors, storage aids, decorations, and furniture if you are installing 24” screen and sound systems in your bedroom? You should not even bring your cell phone along to the bedroom.

The problem with having all these gadgets in your bedroom is that they are a huge distraction. Instead of sleeping, you’ll be watching your television or browsing on your phone. Remove the number of electronics to reduce the stress of always worrying about emails, messages or social media.

4. Keep Lights Soft And Unobtrusive

You don’t want your bedroom to be too bright. Besides, you tend to fall asleep faster when it is dark. During the day, keep your windows open to let in the sunlight and fresh air. However, during the night, use lighting just to illuminate specific points in the room. For instance, if you love reading, a hanging bedside lamp is an option.

Accent lighting is the best to induce moods whether romantic or just relaxation. Make sure to use warmer lights or add decorations such as:

• Fairy strings
• Candles
• Corner up-lifters

Use blackout curtains to avoid waking up at an instance of sun rays or moonlight. These also come in handy during summer heat or even winter.

5. Decorate In Moderation

When picking the arts for your bedroom, make sure select decorations or drawings that make you happy. However, having too many decorations would be a bad idea. Keep them at the minimum to avoid distractions. Instead of a gallery wall, use a painting of nature or family photos. Also, use fresh flowers as well as plants to refresh the air and liven up your bedroom.


A bedroom is a place to rest and regain energy. Therefore, you should transform it to get the best out of it. Think before making decoration decisions because they will affect your sleep. Avoid any distractions, be it electronics, too much lighting, or even cluttered bedding or clothes.

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