Keep Your Home Secure This Summer

It’s the time of year that burglars love. Windows are open, doors are ajar and happy home makers are in the back garden enjoying a bit of sunshine, totally oblivious to the fact that they’re creating the perfect opportunity for criminals to sneak in and steal their valuables.

But here’s the good news. Home security has come a long way, and modern technology has made it much easier for us to protect our homes and the things we keep in them. We can now keep our homes safe and sound and deter burglars all through our smartphones. “There are some great apps out there that enable us to control garage door locks, lights and view CCTV footage while we’re out and about” says Brixton estate agent, Eden Harper.

Not only does this new breed of home security technology minimise the risk of being burgled, it also gives us peace of mind over worries like leaving the oven and iron on. “With smart apps, we can just switch them off remotely – even if we’re halfway to the airport or already sunning ourselves on the beach!” agrees Robert Holmes.

There are lots of DIY security cameras on the market but many homeowners still choose state of the art equipment that’s fitted by professionals. It’s certainly a more expensive option, but if your home is large and particularly attractive to burglars it might be your best bet, because it comes with the added advantage of 24 hour support and emergency callouts.

“If you don’t have the funds to invest in security equipment, there are still plenty of other things you can do to keep your property and valuables safe” says Andrew Reeves.

Lock Your Doors! Might sound obvious, but an alarming number of people forget the importance of this during the warmer months. Whenever you leave the house, ensure all your doors and windows are secure, both at the front and the rear of your property.

Don’t Advertise Your Valuables. If you’ve got some expensive goodies in your home, making it common knowledge is asking for trouble. Keep anything special out of public view and invest in some good blinds or shutters.

Be Sensible with Keys. Think burglars won’t know if you hide the spare key under a flowerpot or doormat? It’s one of the first places they’ll look! It’s more sensible to keep a spare with a trusted friend or family member or use a key safe that can be mounted by the door and can only be opened with a code.

Prevention is always better than cure, so beat the burglars at their own game and ensure you’re always one step ahead. The summer is a busy time for the police, so by doing everything you can to keep your own home and valuables safe and secure is essential.

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