2019 Goals: More Happiness, Less Meat

Meat can do you more harm than you realize. 

For a start, innocent animals are being given a lot of food, water and hormones so that they can grow faster and become your next dinner. Not only are you depriving the Third World from the resources used for farming, but you’re also the one consuming the growth hormones.

In addition, slaughterhouses are a place where intelligent, emotional beings suffer before they are killed to be packaged and sold to people. But the negative energy that’s around them and in every cell of their body doesn’t just disappear, it gets to you and your body and mind, making harm to you on a deeper level, instead of bringing joy.

Science says it.

Many studies, like this one, have shown that vegetarians are happier than meat eaters.

And if researchers have come to that conclusion, who are we to disapprove?

Meat is connected to depression, stress and anxiety.

If you do a quick research, you’ll see many proofs that meat leads to these mental states, or at least promotes them.

It’s because of the damage it causes in the body system, and also because of the negative energy being transferred to you from the dead animal.

So you’re better off without it in your life. Clean food gives you fresh, healthy vibes, which other quality people can feel and appreciate. You will start attracting a different type of people, trust me!

Finding more joy in food.

When meat is not part of your menu anymore, you’ll begin exploring other options. And you’ll find out fantastic vegan foods like soy products, whole grain foods, hummus, tofu, quinoa, types of seeds, rice and beans that you didn’t know existed, and might even get to know cuisines different from yours that offer a variety of choices for vegetarians.

You’ll start enjoying your meals more as a result of that.

So, how do you feel now about not eating meat anymore? Will that be something you’ll give a try in 2019?

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