Great Storylines Missed in Favor of Glamour

The classic glitz and glamour of Hollywood that we have now become used to have turned towards a more fantastical film experience, and by that I mean these huge blockbuster films with outstanding CGI gimmicks but no real storyline to boot.

It feels like everything’s been done before – whether it’s the latest Avenger flick or the dark and gloomy DCEU choking hazard you rarely feel like you’re in for something that is original. There is no doubt we love the stars that we see on the screens, they are lovable characters but in the end, they are playing a character that was created 30 or 40 years ago.

Take Chris Evans for example or more popularly as people know him – Captain America. His sole rise to fame and niche there off is attributed to playing that one single character. His, not so recent, work in the ‘Snowpiercer’ flick was an epic original journey into the quest for mankind’s survival inside a metal tube churning around an all too hostile world. The movie was brilliant in its storytelling, the acting was spot on and you could feel the terror that the remaining survivors felt as their train ride made its final approach.

It seems as though low budget flicks have put in more effort into the fundamentals of what makes a great movie – a motion picture to tell a story than the big Hollywood production houses that blow us away with mind-boggling special effects.

So I see myself time and time again turning towards these far less marketed straight to Netflix/Amazon movies to get that unique touch of storytelling. There are some actors that do really warrant that weekend movie marathon.  Jeff Gum is one such actor – the guy’s rap sheet speaks volumes. He has starred alongside legends such as Eric Bana and Forest Whitaker in The Forgiven (2018). The film centers on an amazing dialogue that exudes subtext involving philosophy, religion, and morality.

Gum plays the lead brilliantly and Bana’s chemistry with his co-star really captivates the audience and propels the film – simply gripping you till the end. It’s a must watch for people looking to get some great entertainment in their movie time.

There are many films where the actor manages to deliver a stellar performance backed by a strong story arc and consistent acting that brings these films together as a whole. There are many other Netflix/Amazon films that are worth a watch. Scott Adkins is another brilliant actor to look out for if you enjoy the superb display of mixed martial arts and thrilling fight choreography. Adkins films such as the Undisputed series are simply a pleasure to watch and although borrow from previous martial arts movies of the last decade; is still a delight to watch.

Bottom line is we all love heavily CGI based blockbuster movies – after all, it’s a spectacle and who doesn’t enjoy a grand scale spectacle with their beloved stars on the silver screen. But if you want a break from these high hitting special effects and tone down to some good old fashioned entertaining plots, these DVD movies and actors that star in them are just what you need to have faith in the storytellers in Hollywood.

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