Wool Shoes – Why I Choose Baabuk over Allbirds

Fashionable yet cozy. This is quite a difficult combination to achieve. A lot of people think that there is a clear trade-off between the two. However, the success of wool shoes has broken this misconception.

Not only are wool shoes worn because they are very comfortable, but it turns out that they can be very stylish as well! I know what you are thinking. Surely wool shoes are a fad that will die soon, and you are better off not jumping on the trend so soon.

Well, think again. This is a trend you would want to follow.

Why you need wool shoes?

It is very rare for fashion to be as comfortable as offered by the growing popularity of wool shoes. Not to mention that there are various benefits associated with wearing wool shoes. For instance, these shoes have almost no weight of their own, making them very comfortable. Additionally, wool is made from all-natural material. This makes them extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable. If you are conscious about your contribution to sustaining Earth, ditching traditional shoes for wool shoes will be a good start.

Additionally, woollen material is excellent at regulating the temperature of the body. Therefore, while other shoes make your feet hot and sweaty (and sometimes smelly), wool shoes don’t. Also, you don’t need to wear socks with them since the material is also known for its antimicrobial and moisture absorbing tendencies.

Why is Baabuk better than Allbirds?

Are you convinced that you need at least one pair of wool shoes in your lives? If so, the chances are you will come across two best options in the market. This includes Baabuk and Allbirds. While Allbirds is usually seen as being synonymous to wool shoes, I always choose Baabuk over them. Here is why.

Allbirds might not be as durable as you think

Shoes aren’t something that you want to buy every other day. You expect them to last a long time. After all, how else can you realize the worth of your investment? While Allbirds shoes are great when it comes to comfort, I have found that as far as durability is concerned, Allbirds lag behind. For someone who has to wear shoes every day, Allbirds wool shoes just don’t last!

Even Yahoo Finance published a report about the present durability issue in Allbirds. According to the report, the sneakers are known to have a “wear-and-tear issue” and only last less than two months if worn every day. When you peruse reviews about the product, you will realize that this is a problem that a lot of users have experienced.

Compared to this, Baabuk has received considerably favorable reviews regarding durability. Upon daily usage, I have found them to be long-lasting.

Baabuk is more comfortable to put on

When you are running late, tying shoelaces or getting shoes on that refuse to be put on easily can be a huge hassle. While Allbirds aren’t exactly challenging to wear, neither are they easy to put on. This is mainly because the shoes delivered by the brand come with shoelaces.

Compared to them, Baabuk offers shoes that have a no-tying feature. They are accompanied by elastic laces that snug on one’s feet easily. It feels as easy as wearing slippers, except for the fact that they look nothing like one.

Baabuk look great on your feet

While some may prefer Allbirds minimalistic styles, I am a fan of the designs delivered by Baabuk. While the company started with offering simple wool slippers, it has come a long way since then. Now, you can find high top aesthetically pleasing wool sneakers. Moreover, there are a lot of options in terms of color palettes to choose from.

I think that Baabuk allows you to reflect your personality with their shoes. Each pair, with its diverse range of colors and design, is reflective of your character. The innovative material along with the variety of designs surely allows one to stand out in a crowd.

Baabuk uses Mulesing-free sheep wool

The environment isn’t the only thing we should be concerned about. Instead, inhumane treatment of animals should also be a cause of concern. Now, it is hard to ensure that the brand you invest in doesn’t harm animals during any of its manufacturing processes, especially when the principal material of the product comes from animals.

While there isn’t any evidence regarding Allbirds treatment of animals during the manufacturing, with Baabuk, you are sure that no animals were harmed when the shoes were made. Why do I say so with absolute certainty? This is because Baabuk uses mulesing-free sheep wool. In simpler terms, this means that the brand is guaranteeing that no sheep were harmed during the production process.


Am I trying to say that Allbirds is not a good brand? Certainly not! There is a reason why Allbirds has managed to gain the support of the masses. And that is because it delivers quality, comfort, and convenience. What I mean is that for me, Baabuk does it all better. It is cozy, stylish, durable and socially and environmentally sustainable all at once. Try them both and see which one works better for you.

Regardless of what your verdict is, the fact remains that wool shoes are something you should try. After all, we all should take full advantage of this rare instance when what is fashionable is also comfortable.

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