The Importance Of Tattoos To Express Personality And Feelings

The tattoos are graphs that are made on the skin. The procedure is that with a needle, whatever the desired figure is painted on any part of the body with a special ink that can be in colors or black and white as you decide, it fits Note that these types of modifications injected into the epidermis are permanent.

Although today tattoos have become fashionable, it does not mean that they are from the 21st century, on the contrary, they have a history that is certainly very interesting and goes back to the fact that they were «Eurasian men of the Neolithic period the first «tattooists», that more than 5,000 years ago, judging by the remains found at the end of the 20th century, in Siberia and the Danube Delta.

History of Tattoos

At present, leaving history aside, we find that tattoos are not the only representative of men, but in the adverse case, there are many tattoos for girls today, which are implanting their own fashion with them, giving a meaning in particular to such engravings on the skin; leaving aside any kind of social stigma that can improperly label the daring girls who have their skin marked.

Among the most common tattoos among girls today we find the eternal sign of love and romance: Hearts, which are usually not filled with red passion but can carry their own style depending on the personality of the wearer, because although you can mean the same for girls, the style of each one is what defines the way in which these types of drawings should be shaped.

Today, tattoo artists are growing massively popular. A good example is Evaldas Gulbinas alone, the tattoo artist, illustrator, digital painter from Lithuania. He has triumphed in the tattoo industry for quite some time and is popular for his styles and techniques. Evaldas been covered by big media outlets including “Creates Magazine,” “Skin Deep Tattoo,” and “Total Tattoo.”

Popular Tattoos among Girls

Likewise, we find daring girls who seek to leave their comfort zone to challenge not only their parents but the entire society by marking their skin with some kind of abstract or unconventional art such as dream catchers, gargoyles or curious small animals that do well they have a meaning for others, cannot be confused with their own, because for many girls a tattoo in addition to strengthening the personality must generate some controversy to be complete; Likewise, we find those that prefer various very feminine tattoos, such as roses, butterflies.

Finally, we find girls who do not agree to give hugs and kisses want to express the feelings to the person they love in a particular way and are able to tattoo their partner’s name on their skin to remember the love that always unites them, without sometimes realize that this boy might not be the right one. However, it is his way of expression to the art of love.

It should be reported that although the engravings on the skin are permanent, they can admit some kind of modification, that is, you can do a tattoo on a tattoo if at some point you are dissatisfied with what one day you did, but Eye! It is to modify it more not to remove it

Girls, remember that everything has a meaning and it is fine if it goes with your personality to become one of these, just keep in mind that it is a very delicate procedure that requires the hands of a professional.

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