Important Tips To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

To lead a healthy lifestyle, there are more than a hundred different ways, and all of them equally effective, especially because each person is different, and we have to discover our own techniques to be in good health and be happy. But there are some key points that we should all follow. Do you want to discover what they are?

For this, you can follow these simple tips that, regardless of the type of person you are, will make you more active. In this regard, Mona Maine de Biran has sound advice to give. She is the American blogger of “Manhattan Minds”, a businesswoman, conscious living and wellness advocate. Mona was a model, the winner of the Star Search Spokesmodel in 1995, and most recently founded the eco-friendly fragrance house, KIERIN NYC. Avidly speaking on healthy, urban living in New York City for years, she’s frequently quoted in beauty publications and sought out as a contributor to panel discussions on the Slow Movement and Sustainability, especially as it relates to the Beauty and Fragrance Industries.

Here are some lifestyle tips from Mona which may pique your interests:

Health starts at the supermarket: Buy fresh products and make processed and pre-cooked foods the rare exception not the rule. Also, avoid foods that contain refined sugars and flour, opt for the whole grains. If the list of ingredients is too long or full of scientific names you can hardly pronounce, take a pass. There is a difference between edible and nutritious. Just because eating something, like a filler or food coloring, won’t instantly kill you doesn’t mean it healthy or nutritious. Make an effort to eat seasonally, so that you eat in a varied way, and make a shopping list with different foods for each visit. Choose organic and non-GMO products whenever possible because, while they may be more expensive, it is less expensive to invest in prevention wellness than the cost of disease treatment.

Learn to cook: Use techniques such as steaming, grilling, or baking. You will discover delicious dishes online. Thanks to the Internet, the secrets of cooks with healthy habits are no longer so secret. Try the delicious recipes of Mediterranean cuisine: paella, grilled octopus, Andalusian gazpacho, green sauce, etc. In our blog, you can find a variety of healthy recipes, as well as cooking tips that can be useful. You have them cataloged by difficulty level, which surely can help you improve in your learning.

Drink water and limit alcohol consumption: We must drink at least the amount of water in our weight multiplied by 0.3. Coffee and alcoholic beverages dehydrate, so if you consume them, you should drink even more water. Looks are sometimes deceptive so read labels and try to avoid sugar in your drinks. There are healthier alternatives.

Take several servings of fruit and vegetables every day: This will provide your body with the vitamins, minerals, and fiber it needs. You will notice the effects, you will feel more energetic, agile and you will facilitate digestion. In short, you will feel better.

Reduce stress: Avoid pressures that will not solve your problems. For some people this can be done through meditation, yoga, time spent with loved ones, in nature, engaged in a hobby or in charity helping others. It’s important to keep an eye on the big picture perspective, which means not worrying excessively about every demand or challenge one encounters. We must celebrate our personal achievements, not worry too much about minor setbacks, and keep an attitude of gratitude and hope in our hearts. Even in the darkest hours, we do well to focus on the positive and put energy towards solutions instead of problems.

Exercise daily: The myth of 2-3 times a week is enough only applies to high-performance sports. It is vital to stay active daily. Depending on your needs, you can do a few minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of cycling or walking, skipping rope, dancing, swimming, or doing sit-ups, everything goes! You don’t need a gym to be active.

Leave the car and the elevator where they are: Instead of going to the gym, go walking to the places whenever you can, and avoid taking the elevator too much if you have one at home. You will see that in a very short time you will get used to this exercise. The extra time spent will give you time to think, so you can plan your actions and responses during your day willfully instead of only just reacting to the immediate circumstances.

Enjoy the outdoors: If you don’t have time, open the windows of your home or workplace. Avoid air conditioning even when temperatures are not pleasant, unless you have a clean system that does not use chemicals for filtration; and you vigilantly monitor it for the development of molds and unhealthy dust particles.

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