Family Road Trip: FREE Activities For Kids in Albuquerque!

Albuquerque is a bright place for having rest with kids. What do you expect from your vacation? Many people think that it is impossible to travel with kids with a tight budget. Of course, it can be not an easy thing to do. But whatever tight budget you have, you should spend it wisely. First of all, you should find a place to stay with your family and a good car for a road trip. Exotic rent a car in Albuquerque will help with cars of different brands and prices. Popular booking websites will book a hotel for you. What about attractions? Here is a list of free interesting things to do with your kids. This is a perfect solution when your budget is tight!

Rental Cars Are Great For Family Trips

Do you agree that the wrong car can ruin your family trip? Luckily, good planning can help you to go out of this trouble. Whether it is a day trip, a weekend tour, or even a trip for a long distance, there is always a good rental offer special for your family. The variety of cars is really big. The selection of cars varies from SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and even luxury or exotic cars.

How to know exactly what size car you need?

Think carefully about it. Count passengers and look through the rental car offers. In general, your budget can go this way:

  • Economic car for 5 passengers will cost about $20
  • Mid size car for 5 passengers will cost about $30
  • Convertible car for 4 passengers will cost about $120
  • Full size SUV for 7 passengers will cost about $50
  • Luxury or exotic car for 5 passengers will cost $ 65

Don’t worry if the price seams too high for your budget. Many rental companies have special programs and attractive offers to buy membership and use bonuses and extremely low prices. Also, you can pick so-called rare cars. The cars that are rarely selected in the last days usually go for a cheaper price. Finally, you can take two compact cars instead of one large mini-vans if this combination is winning and can help you to save some money on rental.

Kiddy Places in Albuquerque


It is not a problem to visit museums with your kids for free. What do you know about the Museum Discovery Pass Program? This program allows you to check all free museums available for free at the moment according to the pass program. Thus, your kids will be glad to visit Albuquerque Balloon Museum and Museum of Anthropology.


Welcome to Rio Grande! This is a place where you can relax and let your kids do what they want. Of course, not all attractions here are free but you can visit one of three fishing ponds and picnic area. Just don’t forget to pack a picnic basket and a blanket. What do your kids like to eat for picnic? Take some fruits, oats, and don’t forget seeds and buds to feed ducks and other birds.


This historical monument is situated on the west. You can get there by car heading on to I-25. This huge construction is one of the biggest sites in North America. The monument surface is amazingly decorated with symbols, carved into volcanic rocks more than 800 years ago. You can touch the history for free. But don’t forget to park your car and pay about $1-2 for this service.

  1. Visit OLD TOWN

Visiting Old Town for the first time, you can be surprised with how much beautiful location it is. You can see old houses, squares, folk arts, bright Mexican restaurants, Flamenco dancing and inspiring Mariachi music.  You can find lot of fun and entertainment here.

  1. Have a great weekend in ABQ BIOPARK

This unique place is not a park only. This is a zoo, large botanic garden, and aquarium altogether. If you want more comfort for your family, you can purchase an annual membership to the Albuqeurque BioPark. It costs $99 and gives you a chance to visit all possible attractions on this location. If you don’t have enough money, you can visit botanic garden for a picnic.

  1. Visit TOY LIBRARY

This library was created with the help of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It has a mission to spread thousands of books, toys, educative materials over kids of different ages. They have resources for parents, different games, psychological works. You can take any book you like for free. Also, the library is full of awesome toys. They make the atmosphere even friendlier.

Don’t worry if your budget is enough for solo traveling but not enough for a family road trip. There cannot be a reason not to take your family for a trip. You can travel in a big company even with a small budget. Search in the internet, ask experienced travelers, read feedbacks, do everything to gather as much information as possible. You will surely find interesting and atmospheric place you can visit for free!

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