Tips On Writing A Good Book Blurb

As much as book covers are able to grab readers’ attention, the blurbs are the ones that help grip shoppers and persuade them to buy the books. This is why you will want to write a book blurb that helps sell it. When it comes to eBooks, specifically, they are absolutely essential when it comes to selling them. Sometimes coming up for the right words for the eBook can be stressful, as compared to writing the book itself.

First lets us talk about what a book blurb is. Blurbs are a brief description of a book that are usually found on the back of that book or within the sleeve of its hardcover. For eBooks, the description is posted on the purchasing page of the product along with its price and book cover. The main purpose of the book’s blurb is to lure the readers in and also captivate them enough to buy the book. The blurbs are usually called summaries, synopsis, or book description.

Here are some tips that you can use to write a great book blurb

Know the genre you are Writing

One thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to writing book blurbs is the genre. The content and the style of it vary depending on the type of book you are describing. The best way you can get a clear idea of your genre’s best practices is to run a quick search for the book description within your genre to see how the others did it. You can then note how popular the books are when you search them. Do not use tactics that are best for one category. For example the bullet points system that is so effective for business books will not be useful when you are writing fiction.

Know what the readers want to read

People usually look for books with a purpose in mind. Whether it is for entertainment’s value or to learn more about a certain topic, there is always a reason. Your job would be to figure out what the said reasons and motivations are and how your eBook would fulfil their needs. You probably already did your research before you were able to start writing the book. You might want to pull out that list again.

The pressure to write a good blurb does not mean that your book is not good. High-quality books such as that of Amr Muneer Dahab have also required good blurbs to be able to attract buyers. The Sudanese-Canadian writer, essayist, literary critic, and poet has an experience of twenty years as an opinion journalist. He is widely known for his critical essays that tackle controversial yet intellectual, cultural, literary, and political issues. He has written more than twenty books in Arabic, and his book Damn the Novel has been recently translated into English.

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