Home Improvement Tips For Lockdown

If you’re finally bored of watching TV and have mustered up the will for some home renovation then it’s time to get started here. Where you’re looking to declutter or need some inspiration for a fresh look in your living space, here are 4 home improvement tips to get you started.

Revitalise Your Kitchen

Kitchens can often be ignored as they’re known as a part of the home for work. But this doesn’t have to be the case, with a big clean up and decluttering the countertops you can find a new love for this space in the home. If you have space, a great way to make the most out of your kitchen is to add in a breakfast bar area. Even in a smaller kitchen, you can now buy small islands or tables to add a little extra life into the room and you’ll even be able to appreciate your kitchen by enjoying breakfast in there.


Natural light in the home is essential, especially when you spending almost every minute inside during lockdown. Windows can be another neglected part of the home so start off with a deep clean of the glass and space around them. If you’re looking to modernise your home and you’re a little fed up with the curtains, bespoke blinds are a great choice of creating a unique look in different rooms. They’re a great choice for kitchens as curtains tend to hold smells and there will be much less maintenance with blinds.

Create More Storage Space

It’s difficult to create space when you don’t want to get rid of much but as a rule, if you haven’t used it in a year, it might be time for it to go. Pantries, cupboards, garages and the attic can all do with a declutter. Shopping around for storage systems isn’t the most fun purchase, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Stylish ladder shelving and many more idea make your storage much more presentable and you’ll be able to trade the old worn bookshelf you don’t really like into some that looks much better in every room.


One of the easiest/ hardest ways to completely revitalise a room. Although it can be a timely task, a tub of paint isn’t a costly way to change the way a room is presented. If its something you’ve been thinking about for a while, lockdown is a prime time to get all the timely chores out the way, just be sure to look at furniture and home decore too, to make sure you painting in a colour you won’t regret.

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