Must Have Items for Every Home

Decorating your home is super personal as everyone has their own design rules and preferences, which is what makes each home unique. Regardless of whether you prefer traditional design or contemporary, there are certain items that every household needs. Here are the ultimate go-to’s that work for every home.


A Wooden Stool or Table

Wood can be the last thing people think to use when renovating the home. But it is an essential material for adding a sense of warmth and life into a home, and it can be introduced in many places beyond dining chairs, kitchen cabinets or a luxury coffee table.


Black and White Art

While wood elements give depth and warmth to your space, black and white art is a great way of giving your home a sense of luxury and sophistication. Whether you fall for a modern painted canvas, or a timeless piece of photography, including a monochrome element not only extends the colour palette to both extremes, but also adds an air of maturity.


An Element of Sparkle

One of the reasons great lighting tends to be a favourite splurge piece is because it has the power to add sparkle to a home, creating that photo-ready finishing touch. Adding spotlights to you kitchen will bring a sense of movement and life to your space whilst also creating an ambience.


Spa Bathroom

Spa bathrooms have become increasingly popular in recent years. Although this may sound expensive, a spa bathroom can be achieved within a budget and are extremely effective. To achieve this aesthetic, include designer furniture a walk-in shower with head to toe shower jets, heated floor, towel warmers, and an oversized tub. For extra detail, invest in some good quality candles and shower soaps.


A Well-made Comfortable Couch

In the case of your sofa or couch, it is always best to go for comfort over style which encompasses classic lines, and hard-wearing fabrics. The couch is probably somewhere you’ll be spending a lot of time, whether you’re having a movie night or hosting cocktails with friends, so you want something that is fundamentally comfortable.

A Great Mattress

Although it isn’t the most exciting thing to splurge on, investing in a good quality mattress is definitely worth-while. This is something that will not need to be replaced for years to come and ensure that you have a good night’s sleep every night.


A Heavenly Set of Bed Sheets

As well as a good mattress, having a set of great bedding is a must have for every home. Not only does a quality set of sheets feel great to sleep on, but they’re the base for a beautiful bedroom. Even if it is just a set of clean white sheets, they are worth a splurge.


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