Summer Streetwear Trends To Expect

The hype around streetwear is on the rise, and luxury fashion brands are showing a lot of sign for summer investment in the global trend. Looking at early collections from retailers and the latest on social media, here are the summer streetwear style updates to keep an eye out for in 2018.

Clashing Designs

Typically, in most styles, you would wear one garment with a design or pattern, and the rest of the outfit would be more subtle. The method helps to highlight the design and shows intention behind the choice; currently, in luxury streetwear, this rule is being broken. Miss-matched patterns for tops, trousers and trainers is the current trend in streetwear, and it’s a trend that’s taking off. The clashing designs are making the style stand out controversially that streetwear enthusiasts love, miss-matched patterns show a new level of the relaxed trend that almost looks effortless.

Up and Coming Brands

There aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to streetwear, and branding fits in with this majorly. Although luxury streetwear brands mentioned the most, followers of the global trend are wearing up and coming edgy brands for an alternative look to stand out. Keeping an eye out for local labels close to home, unique and likely offering something different to other big brands.

Relaxed Fit

The skinny and slim fitted trend has dominated the style for a few years now, but that call could change this year. The casual fit for jeans and joggers is making its way back; streetwear has been seen as an edgy style and going back to the relaxed fits makes sense to break away from the compliance of other styles.

Detailed Graphic Tops

To complement the clashing designs, currently, mens graphic t-shirts have been released with iconic prints put onto them. Most brands will have their take on whether to go for something artistic, edgy or just block symbols to stand out. The trend has been seen on the front back or all over the tops.

Retro Brands

The likes of FILA, Kappa, Reebok and Champion have rapidly made their way back into stores. They’ve also been leaving stores successfully, Retro tracksuits, trainers and other accessories are a big part of streetwear now, and the tracksuits are a relaxed matching style to attain.

As mentioned, there are no real rules to streetwear, so if you strive for an edgy look in a casual manner, or even mens spray-on jeans it’s likely that you’re wearing the trend right.

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