Have Doubts Where to Stay? Pick Hostel! Here Are 5 Reasons WHY

People prefer staying in the hotels. Obviously they know the price of their comfort and privacy. Also, there are many people under 30 who are not ready to pick Four Seasons or something like that for their next vacation. There are many reasons for that. Thus, if you are going to a shopping tour, you can save some money by booking a hostel instead of staying in the central hotel. Don’t forget to rent a car from a budget car rental in Milan Malpensa Airport. It is also money-saving. So, the question is, which traveling style do you prefer: conservative planning or adventures?


Here are more reasons for NOT to pick a hotel!


It often happens that you don’t have a good service for the money you pay in the hotel. You get nothing but a separate room. So, why do you overpay? It is possible to find a place to stay for the same price in more comfortable conditions.

Night life and entertainments

Hostels and other forms of shared space are especially good for young people. You have an opportunity to meet people of shared interests and contact them. You can make new friends! They will teach you how to survive in the city you are and what to see. It must be entertaining!

Cozy and atmospheric

Hostel looks exactly like a house. You feel homy. Some of the hotels are really atmospheric places. They can be organized in loft, modern, classic, thematic styles. Of course, hotel service can give you some information about interesting city places to visit, excursions, tours, restaurants. From the other hand, you can get the same information and even more from your roommate in the hostel.


It is a good tradition to share food with roommates in the hostel. Traveling on budget you may have no money to eat crabs and shrinks. So, people will share! Also, there are many hostels that serve a simple breakfast for their visitors. You eat in a big dining room and talk to people. You will never talk to people in the hotel restaurant.



Here are five possible alternative variants where you can stay next time.


It is not surprising that Airbnb holds the top position as a good alternative to a hostel. It is a kind of attractive accommodation for a good price. The choice is big. Do you want to stay in a boat, country house, or trailer? You can pick any variant that attracts you the most. Airbnb is close to couchsurfing. It not only offers you a wide choice of accommodations, but gives you a chance to find the cheapest one.


Couchsurfing is recommended to all and everyone, who are going to backpack on a budget. This can be the cheapest variant for you, especially if you don’t have enough money for traveling. What does it mean? It means that you can stay in a house of locals for free. There are special web platforms where you can check all available variants. Practice it! Also, be careful by picking a room owner.


Workaway is a good cheap variant to see the world. It looks like an exchange system, where you are offered your help to people (locals) and get a free housing or food instead. It can be cooking, farming, teaching language, building, cleaning, anything. This is good variant if you don’t have money but always wanted to travel to somewhere. Also, this is a chance to learn local life, culture, habits in real.



Meet this old and absolutely amazing way of traveling for cheap! All you need is to pay for your ticket. You find a person who is ready to travel to your country and live in your house. You have to travel to that person’s country to look after her/him house instead. Of course, it’s not for money, but you should keep everything in order during your visit. House exchange is a good practice for you if you are looking for a good calm place to living. It is like booking a hotel. But you book a house instead.



  1. Glamping

What an interesting word it is! Glamping Spots are popular in Asia, Australia. This is a kind of high-class apartments mixed with camping, so-called Glam + Camping. So, if you want to go camping you should think of this glamorous variant. Pick a place!

So, you know everything about the best possible variants to find a good and cheap place to live in a new city. By the way, it doesn’t take much time. There are special web platforms where people come to share their opinion, recommendations, give feedbacks. You can take contacts, watch pictures, and learn prices. Think about it! This can be your chance to travel around the world for cheap!

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