Women’s Festival Clothing Guide from Head to Toe

Festivals are always a good time, but nothing brings you down faster than being uncomfortable. What you wear can definitely make or break the experience for you, so choosing wisely is huge. The best festival clothing makes you feel free, comfortable, and 100% like yourself, while helping you withstand the scorching sun, muddy fields, showers, and standing for hours on end. We’ve got you covered from head to toe, so read on for a guide to your best festival wear yet.

1. Don’t Forget Your Hat

When it comes to a festival, wearing a hat isn’t just a chic accessory. It can be incredibly practical, especially if you’re out in the heat all day long. The hat doesn’t have to be something your parents would wear to the beach; a ball cap paired with shorts, sneakers and a flannel shirt is both cute and comfortable, whereas almost any playsuit or dress looks better with a sunhat on top. Don’t forget your shades to avoid squinting at the stage all day long.

2. Pack Layers

When planning your festival attire, layers are your best friend. They’ll help you stay cool during the hot day, and warm when the night cools down so that you don’t have to carry around a change of clothes. Our favourite festival pieces can be worn in multiple ways, like a shirt wrapped around your waist during the day for style, but easily worn at night for comfort. A bodysuit layered under shorts or jeans will keep you dry all day long, and an open-tie dress will give you an extra layer when the sun sets. Anything sweat-wicking will be a godsend, and quick-dry fabrics like nylon, polyester, and cotton blends will keep you comfortable if it should suddenly rain out of nowhere.

3. Protect Your Feet

Shoes are surprisingly important when it comes to festival wear. There’s nothing worse than hobbling around because your new shoes have decimated your heels or caused you blisters. The wrong shoes can absolutely ruin your day, so choose a pair that’s both comfortable and broken in, and that you can wear for hours and hours without your feet swelling. As well, you want to think about the location: does the grass quickly turn into a slip and slide mud pit once festival-goers start walking around? Is it going to rain throughout the day? Will you have to walk a ton to get from stage to stage? Sturdy footwear like boots, sneakers, and even sandals with straps will keep you in good standing no matter the weather.

4. Play With Accessories

At festivals (and in most cases), accessories are the best way to let yourself be creative and fun. After all, what’s a festival without a little self-expression? Accessories at festival can get pretty wild, from floral headbands to tutus and more. The trick to look stylish and fresh is to use one accessory and tailor the rest of your outfit around it, otherwise you run the risk of looking like a hot mess. You want to be playful and fun, but too many accessories can easily overwhelm your look.

Festival wear can be both fun and stylish. Express yourself without going overboard, while making sure you’re set for a long day in the great outdoors and you’ll have your best festival experience yet. We can’t promise the music will be good, or that there won’t be long lines, but we can promise you that you’ll be set from dusk to dawn, and what else really matters?

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