Knowing All about New TVS Jupiter

TVS has put more than a million launched new TVS Jupiter not only on road but also in the hearts of people. As a celebration, the company revolved to launch a special variant in this same model named Jupiter Million R. So what features in Jupiter made them launch a new bike so as to reflect away for celebration?

Design of the bike

The new tvs jupiter is known for its fashionable look, which is moped with the balance of simple design and, crisp and unique styling. The new TVS bike has got big size, with contrastingly pleasing appearance to people looking at it. With that keeping in mind, the design of the bike doesn’t have a very feminine look, which makes it usable for everyone.

Frontier portion has creases; along with turn-blinkers which give it a sleek look. There is a trapezoidal lamp at the front, which is quite big doing well its job during the night time.

The side profile used in Jupiter is quite identical to another moped available in the market. And also the rear portion has a fuel cap at the end which serves convenience in filling the whole tank. The new TVS bike has got a triangular tail with LED lamp in it, which is enclosed with the regular indicator lamps.

Engine and performance of the bike

The engine of tvs jupiter is mechanized by a movement of 109.7cc. It has a four-stroke engine that has a one cylinder unit which delivers high performance because of which the fuel economy increases onward with fewer vibrations while traveling. The new bike from TVS can also be used on highways which can go up to the speed of 80kmph with an amazing braking system without making uncomfortable. The ride, when taken on Jupiter, is experienced to be quietly enjoyable, the reason for that is the position of keeping the hand. This enables the ride comfortably in cities and as well as on a highway. The seating system of Jupiter is quite comfortable and massive enough to accommodate sitting for a size of two average humans. And accordingly, the suspensions are designed.

New features introduced in TVS Jupiter

The most unique feature of it is its ‘Econometer’. This meter assists to know about the efficiency of the fuel. Though it is not the newest of concepts, it has 2 sleek design indicators namely Power and Eco which help to know whereabouts about the efficiency of riding.  The green color light on ‘Eco’ communicates that the ride is gentle and the ride is less than 50kmph. Similarly, when it indicated ‘Power’, it depicts that the speed is exceeding the value of 50kmps. TVS promises to give the mileage of 63 kmpl in standard conditions.

Even on very bad conditions of the road, Jupiter maintains to be composed for riding with ease.  With amazing ergonomics and very good suspensions, it becomes very easy to handle the moped. The overall gist of the vehicle shows that the efficiency along with satisfaction is achieved.

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