Wearing Lingerie to Empower You Everyday

You may already know that what we wear can make us feel more confident, but when most people think about this, we’re thinking of a power suit, or a pair of leather pants and a slick tank or a killer LBD.  We’re not usually thinking about what’s under those outfits. Guess what? That’s just as important. Slipping into something slinky is one of the easiest ways to instantly make yourself feel more empowered — and what’s more, no one has to know about it.

That’s right. You could be dressed in your uber professional suit pants, blouse and blazer, but under that you could be wearing a teddy or bra and panty set that’s sex on a stick. That’s empowering potency of lingerie: no one has to see it for it to make you look and feel sexier.

Why it Works

To feel empowered is a hyped up sort of confidence. It’s not just ‘I can do this’, but ‘I will do this’. One of the only other times in life you’ll feel this level of confidence is between the sheets, and that’s why it’s so easy to channel this unshakable swagger when you’re wearing lingerie.

But what to wear?

Some lingerie is made just for the bedroom, and trying to wear it under everyday clothing will be a little difficult. By all means, wear your leather studded corset everyday at home, but if you’ve got a Sunday brunch, it won’t be comfortable. And you’ve got to be comfortable! If you’re not comfy in what you are wearing, there’s no way you’ll be confident.

If you are planning to sport some slinky stuff under your day-to-day garb, follow these suggestions instead:

A Camisole

Camisoles are super sexy and comfortable, and some of them can actually be worn as shirts, not under shirts. A beautiful silk camisole can offer a stunning snapshot of texture when paired with skinny jeans, heels, and a cashmere cardigan. If you want to move the camisole into the professional realm, slip it on under a sheer blouse for a more work apropos option.

A Bralette

Wearing bralettes as tops — or over tops — is a huge trend right now. You can sport a black lace bralette over a classic white tee. Or, you can wear a bralette under a vest so the bralette peeks out, giving a hint of sexiness without being sleazy. Or, try a solid bralette with a high-waisted pair of pants for a stunning night look.

Garter Belt & Stockings

Wearing a skirt? Then a garter belt and stockings are a brilliant way to instantly empower yourself. It doesn’t matter if anyone else doesn’t see them: just knowing you are wearing a pair of thigh high stockings held up by suspenders with just a peek of hot skin emits a load of vintage sex appeal that will have you showcasing some serious swagger.


Slips have the very functional purpose of keeping your dress from clinging to your body, but when you wear a silky, slinky slip under your dress, you will feel like a goddess. You’ll practically shimmy with delight.

A Teddy

Teddies are insanely versatile, and can be concealed under clothing so they are just a treat you know about, or they can be worn like bodysuits. Which way you decide to wear yours will depend on where you are going, as well as the design of the structure. A barely there see-through teddy is best worn mainly under your outfit; perhaps peeping out for a hint of the sheer sexiness. A more substantial teddy can be worn with a pair of faux-leather leggings, some shorts or a skirt on a night out on the town or on a hot date.

Remember, when you wear lingerie for empowerment, you’re really doing it for yourself. You’re not trying to impress anyone else (though let’s face it, if anyone sees what you’re wearing, you will). What you are trying to do is unleash your inner amazon and embrace your strong, sexy self.

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