The Advantages Of Coworking In 2018

Co-working’s many advantages include being a cost-effectiveness alternative to traditional office leasing, giving financially strapped businesses access to some of the more affluent business districts, and giving businesses flexibility in how they move about their professional world. However, this year, the co-working trend will see the introduction of new ideas into this already popular concept.

Co-working is an office space format that gives professionals access to all of the amenities seen in an office, in addition to the use the office space itself. This concept works because professionals burdened with the costs associated with conventional leasing can defray these expenses by leasing shared space. Servcorp coworking spaces in America are a great example of the way in which these offices function.

Keep reading below to learn more about the advantages that professionals stand to gain from leasing co-working spaces this year.

Increasing Demand

While coworking has been previously seen as a trendy spot for up and coming professionals or the ubiquitous start-up, this year, as the trend catches fire, we should see more large leasing companies crop up in response to this increasing demand. As a result, larger companies will be able to provide more leasing options, in addition to being able to make the plans flexible to travel, relocating and expanding. Businesses benefit from these advantages because this flexibility will provide alternatives to traditional methods of reserving space on both a short and long-term basis.

Lifestyle Amenities

With this office format becoming a staple in the commercial real estate landscape, professionals at all stages of their business development will see co-working spaces make their offices more comfortable. Beyond the standard coffee bar, these establishments plan to include gyms and yoga classes as a part of their standard leases. Also, some coworking outfits internationally have already seen the benefit of operating co-working spaces on a 24-hour basis for professionals who prefer working on off-peak hours.


As this office format becomes a part of the business landscape, we have seen the growth of technology-related co-working spaces, and this trend is expected to grow. In Los Angeles, one co-working company focuses on catering to the needs of career-minded women.

A few co-working spaces have made the start-up their focus by including accelerator and incubator programs, which nurture business development and growth. Because of their desire to cater to a particular industry, some co-working spaces hold interviews to make sure individuals not only fit in with the culture but they also contribute to making the community a great place to work.


Businesses and the self-employed professional are not the only organizations that will take advantage of the co-working space boon. Non-profits will use this office style as an alternative method to leasing office space. Urban Co-Works, for example, is one of the non-profit co-working spaces that will lease space to these types of organizations.


Another major development in co-working this year relates to the locations of some of the spaces. Typically, co-working spots comprise some of the office space in urban centers, as this is one of the cost-savings benefits to working in the city. However, as many developers are beginning to redefine how space is used, some of the space is going to be devoted to co-working outfits.

Co-Working Plus

Co-working provides professionals and businesses alike so many benefits that it seems like there would be nothing that could improve this style of work. However, as co-working outfits have carved out spaces in the commercial real estate market, they are beginning to develop ways to better serve the professionals who make up their communities.

The concept of collaboration not competition still holds true for this business model. However, in 2018, we stand to see how coworking capitalizes on making this format more accessible and convenient to the population it serves.

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