The Best Bridal Shoes from the Engagement Party to the Reception

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most beautiful day of your life, but it’s hard to feel the love if your feet are crammed into stunning, but excruciating shoes. In fact, having to teeter around in uncomfortable shoes can downright ruin your big day and even the most resilient brides can have trouble smiling through their pain. The good news is you don’t have to suffer.

Here are the best shoes for you wedding that can take you from the engagement party to the reception in comfort and style.

The Engagement Party

Your engagement party is the time to really play up your more casual style, and this means you can have a lot of fun with your footwear. Champagne or silver bridal shoes are always an eye-catching colour for your engagement party. These colours speak to an easy elegance and classic style. Play up your own personal style by choosing embellishments like bows and strappy details that really speak to you. After all, unlike when you’re wearing your wedding gown, engagement ensembles tend to feature shorter dresses or skirts (or even pants!) so you can make your shoes the showpiece.

The Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are when women come together to celebrate the bride’s new life. Many brides use this as a time to give in to their more feminine impulses, and if this sounds like you, embrace it! Whether you choose to wear flats or a heel, try out shoes with romantic detailing like bows and flowers. These details don’t have to overtake the shoe, but they can be a nice touch. Just keep in mind that while bridal showers shoes can have elements of sexiness in them, featuring this attribute tends to be out of place at most showers. Save it for the engagement party, bachelorette or even reception.

The Bachelorette

Now’s the time to bust out the sass and bring out your inner party girl. Even the most subdued bride has a little flirty fun in her, so let it shine. Go for sparkles, fun, bold colours and prints, fearless and sexy details like zippers and studs.

The Ceremony

Many brides wear the same shoes to the ceremony and reception, but you by no means have to. Brides who are having a more formal and traditional ceremony often opt for a classic, more simple shoe, like a elegant pump, and then move into something a little more racy or fun after. Regardless, the ceremony is when you are going to showcase your Cinderella slipper, and out of the all the shoes you’re going to pick for your wedding day, this is the one where you can opt for style over comfort. Of course, you need to be able to walk in them, but you don’t have to wear them for long so if there’s a pair of super high heels you adore but know you won’t be able to make it more than an hour in, then snag them anyway! You don’t have to wear them all day!

The Reception

Comfort reigns supreme for your reception bridal shoes. Presumably, you’re going to be dancing the night away, and your bridal duties necessitate visiting with every guest, and this means you’ll be on your feet a lot. Opt for lower, thicker heels, which will offer maximum support and comfort. You can also go for  a pair of stunning bridal flats. If you’re in a floor length dress, no one is going to see your shoes, but this is your day, so you should still wear something you adore.
And remember, you need to break in your shoes, even if they are flats! Make sure you can walk in them, and make sure you can walk in them for as long as you need to. Happy shopping, and enjoy your big day!

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