5 Trends In Interior Lighting Design

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a home design that can be used to bring out different atmosphere in the room. Every room requires its own unique lighting and hence it has to reflect the feel and function of every space. Homeowners’ taste and technology keep changing and hence manufactures have to come up with new and unconventional bulb and fixtures. The notable changes and trends that should be noted by the homeowners.

1.      Soft Gold

Soft colors are becoming more popular nowadays and soft gold is among them. This color is between brushed gold and brushed silver, therefore, it gives the room mellowness and warmth. It can also blend with modern urban to farmhouse décor.

Usage: there are various designs and styles to select from. Other soft colors such as matte silver or grey are used it balance the soft gold used on overhead lighting. Soft gold is also used to draw attention to particular areas and corners in the living room.

2.      Cheaper LEDs

Most homeowners prefer LED because they are cheaper and saves on power. They also come in various styles, colors, shape, and brightness. They are environmentally friendly and make the home look unique.

The disadvantages with LED is the high cost of purchasing as compared to ordinary lighting. Therefore, homeowners replace the lighting fixture one at a time.

3.      Vintage Edison-Style Bulbs

Vintage Edison-style bulbs are rounded cone-shaped retro lighting bulbs that are used especially in the living room and kitchen areas. Also, the upcoming incandescent light bulbs are available in modern LED lighting hence consume less light and will last longer. They are as cheap as $3 per bulb.

Usage; they are used to enhance a warm industrial/retro style. They add soft beauty to the room. A system of lights such as an Edison style chandelier is used to get maximum effect.

4.      Retro and Industrial Styles

Industrial style has always been about metallic, neutral colors and rustic finishes. Retro is coming back into the market in a different way; sleeker metals with varied and richer tones. They have been upgraded to include finer details which are different from the traditional industrial that was warehouse-like.

Usage; used to generate distinctive twist to the arena. They are popular for as wall lighting, overhead the dining area and the work area in the kitchen. They can also be placed on the wall a piece of art.

5.      Bigger Fixtures

Bigger fixtures are becoming the new trend in the market today. They attract attention and brings out the wow factor in the room. They are used as the room’s centerpieces. They can be used in the overhead the dining table, in the kitchen island, for exterior footpath lighting and the foyer.

Usage; the fixtures are placed in the middle of the room so as it can bring out its maximum effect. Smaller fixtures are also used to balance these fixtures and the outcome will be an overall nicer look.

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