Size Doesn’t Matter: Choosing The Best Wedding Dress For Curvy Women

When marriage is the topic, both men and women make an effort for the memory to last a lifetime. Each and every detail is meticulously taken care of because a slight mishap and the whole thing would make a wrong impression.

One of these details is the wedding dress. Several months before the wedding, every aspect of the dress follows the specifications according to the liking of the bride. Of course, a plus sized bride should never try and hide her curves by fitting into a suffocating dress. So, smile, let loose, you’re getting married tonight, be happy with your body.

However, choosing a wedding dress is never fun and games. There are a lot of fabrics to choose from, a trend to follow, and a lot more daunting choices to bother you. To further help a lady choose her ideal wedding dress, here are some more tips to consider.


Any dress with ruchings is figure friendly, regardless of shape and height. A Ruching is a sewing technique wherein fabric is woven to form intricate designs of petals or ruffles. Wedding gowns with asymmetrical patterns are good for bringing detail to the face of the bride.  

Never go for Piecemeal

Piecemeal means “to put together.” Never go for two or more gowns pieced together. Chances are the fabrics will not match and is made out of weak material which could tear on the wedding night. Piecing together different fabrics from gowns creates an unusual image that will certainly present a bride in the most unflattering way.

Gowns don’t have to come from a single piece of fabric. If it’s going to be two or three different materials, then the only thing to make sure of is the fluidity and flawlessness that the union brings.


It’s every little girl’s dream to be walking down the aisle, slowly making her way to her groom. As she slowly walks forward, the people inside sitting on the church benches gasp and marvel at her. The audience gets a glimpse of how a once pretty little girl now turned into an amazing and lovely lady walking towards her forever.

The scene mentioned above is truly a sight to behold, a true tearjerker in every way possible. However, a lot of women nowadays skip the ceremonies because of their size. They find it difficult in choosing a suitable dress that can cover all of their insecurities. This situation should never be the norm for plus sized women.

Truthfully speaking, ladies should not feel any shame because of their size. Women should hear the words of Christina Aguilera: “I am beautiful in every single way, yes words won’t bring me down.” Don’t let the stigma of “being chubby is a bad thing” be a way for you to stop and admire your beauty.

For plus-sized women, their curves are what they’re supposed to expose to everyone. What better way to demonstrate that is by letting your wedding dress accentuate each and every fine detail of your curves. Part of women’s clothing should include mermaid gowns or dresses with dropped waists which are for highlighting sexy curves.

Avoid see-through or Light Fabrics

Although the goal of choosing a wedding dress is to present yourself well, the fact remains that there must be small details that the dress cannot hide. Chiffon and Silk often do an excellent job of exposing every detail of you. Other alternatives such as Taffeta, lace, and satin go well and is very popular with plus-sized women.


The wedding day is an exceptional occasion for every man and especially to women. It is the time that a woman wishes to be the most beautiful girl of the day. Because, no matter what the size or height, a lady about to get married is the most romantic scene for a person to witness. So, size shaming should never see the light of that day.

Instead of ladies being conscious of their weight, women need to feel happy and excited during their wedding day. Every detail has to be perfect for both brides and grooms to remember such a wonderful event in their lives together. Thus, considering the tips above can be a great help. Also, sites like Seed Heritage is an excellent help for your wedding preps.

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