X Small Space Décor Ideas and Tips

It is not a secret that small spaces can cause any homeowner headaches. Over the years, we collect various items and, of course, our homes start to resemble an over-packed closet.

However, the design has a lot to do with that, too. Small spaces are quite a challenge to decorate and organize. It can not only have an impact on the cluttering but also be unfunctional and impractical. But, small spaces also have their charm. They not only teach us how not to waste space but also how to live more responsibly. So, without further ado, here are ideas and tips on how to turn your small place into a marvelous décor.

1.   Use minimalist design

“Less is more” is something many say without even knowing that it’s actually the main principle of minimalist design. However, don’t be afraid that this means you’ll have a sterile and impersonalized space. A minimalist design can be stylish and classy, as well as free you from the mess.

Even though this type of décor is usually pictured as monochrome, you can choose color and patterns as well. Just make sure that you don’t mix them up too much. Namely, use one to two complementary shades. Moreover, when it comes to patterns, decide on one.

Avoid decorations all over the place and instead, use one item as a centerpiece. Don’t leave your clothes and shoes in the open in the hallway, but place them in appropriate storages. Use a shelf as a nightstand in the bedroom or, in case of single-room apartments, choose wall bed solutions.

2.   Multipurpose furniture

Furniture design is constantly changing and creating new solutions for all types of spaces. You can even choose a certain decade because many of them already have their comeback on the market. However, small spaces will benefit the most if you choose among that furniture the multipurpose pieces.

This type of furniture is practical for any home. Wall beds with couches or stools serving as coffee tables are only some of the solutions available on the market. The most important thing when it comes to small places is having enough storage space. Therefore, sofas and armchairs with extra space for linens or clothes are perfect for your small living room.

3.   Mirror tricks

You probably know how tricky mirrors can be. However, this time those tricks will not leave you thinking you need to lose weight. They are perfect ways to create an illusion of spaciousness. Big mirrors in small spaces are welcoming addition to décor since they will expand the room.

This way, you will gain depth and dimensionalize the space. Choose a mirror which can also be a perfect decorative item with the ornamental framework. You can hang differently sized mirrors on one wall if you’re not a fan of large and tall ones.

4.   Bring in the light

If your financial situation allows you, install tall windows. This is especially important if your home is not positioned on the sunlit side or doesn’t get enough sunlight. Large windows will also open up space and help you feel less as though you’re boxed-up. If you can’t change your windows, then clear all the excess stuff around them so nothing would block the light.

You can also use artificial lights which can perfectly expand the space if positioned correctly. Namely, instead of a chandelier, use smaller lamps mounted on the wall and placed on the floor. That way different light sources will compartmentalize your space. This will create an illusion that you have more squareage and add layers to your place.

5.   Declutter, declutter, declutter

Finally, we come to that part which is quite a burden for the most of us. Decluttering is something you’ll often hear being praised to boost your mood and organize your life. Although this is true according to psychologists, it’s still something we reluctantly do. However, small places require it more than all others but you can use few tactics to avoid exhausting yourself.

Firstly, use easy storage solutions to remove dear but bulky stuff overcrowding your small space. Secondly, use floating shelves instead of tall bulky ones which we all usually overstuff. But if you have some of those, buy boxes to serve as drawers to conceal and organize those items.

Then, dedicate one place where you’ll put magazines, keys and all those little things which easily create a mess on the desks and tables. The point is to make sure that everything has its place and that you regularly place it there. An alternative is to constantly waste time and nerves on comprehensive cleaning, which is something you would probably gladly avoid.

In the end

Small spaces can be enough. It’s all about the relationship you create with your home. Don’t be afraid to try out different styles or trends, but remember – you are the master of your home. Instead of letting your belongings define you, be the one choosing them. That way you’ll be the lord of your mansion and not the captive of four walls.

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