Feel The Track: Hiking Shoes That Will Complete Your Trekking Adventure

Are you fond of hiking or any outdoor activities? You probably know that one of the essential gear on hiking is a sturdy pair of shoes. Having the right hiking shoes will help you a lot in your outdoor activities as it will provide you comfort and support.

If you want to go hiking this summer, it is essential to know about the topography and weather conditions the place you will be going. You need to familiarize first the terrain whether it’s dusty, sandy, rocky, or muddy before you can pick your new pair of outdoor shoes. Here are some of the hiking footwear you that can choose:

Trail Runners

Trail running shoes are intended for traveling on different kinds of terrain, such as dusty tracks and rough surfaces like sand or granite. They are not created just for the sole purpose of hiking. Instead, they offer features for hikers to maximize their travel distance in the shortest amount of time.

These hiking shoes come in low cut styles and were made using soft rubber for running with flexibility, a thick pattern of tread for enduring trail tracks and lightweight, breathable nylon or mesh uppers.

But, take note that its lightweight design and construction offers less protection around the toes, and grants less support under the foot.

Light Hikers Shoes

Light hikers shoes grant more support, durability, and protection than trail running shoes. These kinds of hiking shoes provide impressive traction, stability in a low-profile, lightweight package, and a hard sole that is more stable and husky on technical tracks than trail runners.

These shoes are suitable for those who are seeking for more grip and stability without the look of traditional backpacking or hiking boot. Light hikers footwear usually comes with a waterproof membrane that offers weather versatility that most hiking shoes are lacking.

Approach Shoes

Approach shoes have a similar design to trail runners with an elastic toe band and a sticky rubber toe. Rock climbing, crawling up rocky peaks and scrambling on rugged off-trail surfaces are the reason behind the design of these shoes.

Some of the approach shoes offer a sticky and responsive outsole, a solid midsole, and also a lacing arrangement that stretches to the toe for the excellent fit.

Approach shoes are dominant regarding durability, but these don’t have waterproof materials. If you are tracking wet and muddy destinations, the outsole of these shoes can’t grip deeper well as light hikers can.

Mid-Weight Hiking Boots

Hiking boots feature high-cut style which height extends to the top of the ankle. Durable construction comes with leather and harder rubber soles. With one or two shoelace fasteners above the ankle, enables you to protect your ankle in place and to secure your feet.

Some of the hiking boots are heavy, but there are modern boots that weigh in for about 2 to 3 pounds which provides more stability and support around the ankles.

Also, these boots typically come with durable construction, great traction, security, and supportive fit to give the best performance and security that you need for different adventures.

Heavy Hiking Boots

Heavy backpacking boots are bulkier and bigger brother of the mid-weight hiking boot. It also comes with a high cut design that provides great stability for ankles and massive outsoles for managing rugged and uneven terrain.

This kind of hiking gear also features the ability to protect your foot while carrying heavy loads while on the track. Its thick soles offer a stable platform for your feet, reducing the risk of foot fatigue as you go on into thick rocks and roots.

The solid and hard construction of the boot offers a supportive and comfortable place for your foot and is incredibly durable which locks in your ankle as you travel. But, remember that these boots are quite heavy which is a downside feature and are not suitable for day hikers, ultralight backpackers or thru-hikers.


Outdoor adventures such as hiking is truly an amazing experience. But doing such thing should be accompanied by an expert, plus the right gears and items to use. When going for trekking or hiking, you should have a pair of trail runners, approach shoes or light hikers footwear to successfully track your destination without hassle or injury.

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