How to Pick The Best Hotel for Wedding Guests

Expecting a lot of foreign friends on your wedding, you have to think of their comfort. You are responsible for where they live and how they get to the wedding place. Of course, there is always a way out. Thus, offers you the biggest choice of wedding cars of lux categories and minivans for guests. You can rent a car in one click! But what about the hotels? As a rule, it is very convenient for guests lo live at the same hotel where the wedding ceremony is planning to be. So, what are the best world places to conduct wedding ceremony? How to pick the best one? Let’s find answers these questions!




There is nothing better than having your wedding in a big ancient castle, dated by 1889. There are about 250 comfortable rooms and 8 000 acres of green gardens and picturesque landscapes. The architecture is amazing in its beauty. Looking for something luxury and gorgeous, you cannot find a place better than Biltmore. So, speaking about ceremony on itself, you are offered different variants. There are a couple of interesting wedding platforms inside the house. How about Grand Ballroom, or Front Lawn, or Italian Garden? The prices are also impressive. The wedding package that includes individual menu, bar, drinks, and snacks, free rooms for just married, usually starts from $ 50 000. There can be sales for your guests rooms.



The most luxury and romantic venue for wedding in New York must be right here! This amazing place is situated in the very center of the Central Park. It has been used for ceremonies for more than 100 of years. There is a modern restaurant, picturesque harbor, and beautiful lake. You can rent a boat and ask for a wedding voyage. The marvelous nature, lake, tasty dinner, wines and cocktails, and open bar counter are available for 6 hours for $70 000. Loeb is often used for ceremonies but you should find a good hotel near here for your guests to live.



This is not only a beautiful hotel, but golf fields, beach line and Pacific Ocean by your side. You can rent a bungalow on the beach with a terrace, wooden decorations, fireplace, and the best Californian views ever. You can invite your guests to the beach restaurant to eat and to the SPA salon to relax and try one of 20 relaxing procedures. Pelican Hill is really marvelous place. There are also additional services you are offered to include in your wedding list. It can be a wedding steward, SPA procedures for a bride, free bungalow for just married. Finally, the price for you ceremony can be about $100 000.


How to Pick the Best Hotel For Guests


It is better to find a hotel near the wedding place. If you conduct your wedding somewhere outdoors, think of transportation. Your guests dressed in the beautiful dresses would never go to the hotel by the city bus. It is better to rent a minivan and take your guests to the hotel with comfort.



Planning a big wedding, you should think about your guests comfort and budget. That means, you should offer to your guests the hotels of different price policy. Check your location!


It would never be a problem to book a hotel rooms for all your guests if you conducted ceremony in a big hotel, or palace. There is enough space for all and everyone. Planning the sea voyage or outdoor ceremony, try to book the nearest hotel or two with breakfast included for all guests.



Booking a room for your guests pay attention to how it really looks like. Just ask yourself how much comfortable the room is. If you don’t really like the environment, find another hotel.


What additional services make a comfort for your guests in the hotel? There must be a free parking zone, TV, WiFi, laundry, fitness center, swimming pool, beach. Of course, there may be not all of them, but your gusts will be pleased to have at least something as a pleasant bonus.


There are many hotels that offer free transfer from the hotel to the city airport and main touristic places. Why don’t you use this service?


Wedding Place

One way or another, the hotel where you are having your wedding ceremony must be the best place for your gusts to stay. It is very attractive for you as you will not spend money for transportation.

When it comes to planning the big day, there are so many thoughts in your busy head. It is hard to remember everything. So, why don’t you go the simplest way and think of your guests every time you are picking the wedding venue.

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