5 Best Places to go Beach Camping in Florida

Florida has some incredible and breathtaking beach camping places and most of them are vacant from June to September. To have a good time, all you need to know is which spots to choose, what to bring along and how to have fun without a television, and computer.

Known for having the best park systems, Florida has many camping places within a short distance of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.

1. Long Key State Park

The Long Key campground is located exactly over the top of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the only campground in the state where you can abandon your campsite, walk further a 100 feet and catch your own salmon or bonefish. This park also has nature trails, the most famous one is for Kayakers that goes through a shallow water tidal and a 60 feet water campground, each with a front garden and barbeque setup.

2. Cayo Costa State Park

The Cayo Costa Park is a splendid place to enjoy a private getaway with your loved ones. The campsite is surrounded with water from all sides and is only reachable through a private boat or a traveler ship. You won’t have to worry about the crowd or things getting lost, because it also offers a 9 miles stranded beach to explore and take long strolls. The gulf water warm, perfect for swimming, skinny dipping, kayaking, and fishing. Each tent has the capacity to accommodate 8 people. Portable water coolers, showers, and bathrooms are located centrally. Visitors may bring along food and beers. This may seem a little extra work, but the view is worth it. 


3. Fortress Clinch State Park

If you love visiting ancient places, then the Fortress Clinch State Park is the perfect destination for you. This state park has the oldest preserved 19th-century forts of the United States. Though it did not take part in a lot of action, it was occupied by troops during the Spanish and Civil American War.

This campsite has fishing, swimming and a 6-mile nature trail for hikers and cyclists. Clinch State Park has two particular campgrounds, one facing the beach and the other facing the hammock over the Amelia River.

4. Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach State Park is another famous park in Florida, especially known for its beautiful view of the sunsets. The park has been consistently ranked as one of the best camping spots. If you get tired from swimming in the emerald sea water, head over to one of the parks natural trails which is surrounded by dozens of trees of all sizes looks a lot like the set of The Lord of the Rings.  

Hikers generally have an extra 4 miles of trails to roam about and explore, while the canoeists and kayakers can enjoy the view of the Western Lake, a great salt reservoir. This is one of the oldest and most visited campgrounds in Florida. Visitors buy tents for sale and book 11 months in advance of their trip since the campsite can house limited people.


5. Anastasia State Park

Anastasia State Park hasn’t changed much since the Spanish adventurer discovered the grounds here about 500 years back. Other than the great surfing, fishing, swimming, and kayaking, the recreation center has an archeological aspect where coquina rocks were extracted from to make the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, the most well established Spanish fort in America.

Discover the hammocks and salt bogs through the nature trails whether in a canoe or kayaking. It is one of the finest and oldest places to camp in entire Florida.

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