Top 3 Comedy Spoofs to Watch Today!

When it comes to watching, admiring and praising movies that are truly one in a million, there really isn’t a shortage of movie fanatics. When comedy spoofs are made of movies that are seemingly serious, however, the tables turn and many people might feel severely offended. This doesn’t change the fact that comedy spoofs are the best genre if you have a great sense of humor and know how enjoyable these movies truly are! A good laugh can really help even the narrowest of minds after all.

Moreover, there are several comedy spoofs available online and off for all to watch. However, not all of them are generally funny and many of them might even be a little too overboard for many viewers. Thus, it is rather helpful to have someone jot down the top 5 for you, and that is exactly what this blog is about! Read on to find out the top 3 comedy spoofs you should be watching today!


1. Scary Movie – All Parts

If you haven’t seen Scary Movie, you haven’t lived life – or so it may seem until you watch it. There are several parts of the comedy spoof that originally started in the year 2000, which was then followed by four sequels. The entire range of spoofs and parodies is on slasher, horror and mystery movie genres. Scary Movie was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans and produced by Eric L. Gold and Lee R. Mayes. The Ring, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, 300, and plenty of other films have been included in this. If what you’re looking for is a fun night with friends and some chilled drinks, this is a great parody to watch to keep things humorous and have a great time!


2. Breaking Wind

If you are a diehard fan of the Twilight Saga and cannot tolerate a single person cracking a joke about it, then you should probably skip this one. However, if you’re amongst the millions of people who agree that the Twilight Saga is most definitely overrated, then Breaking Wind should definitely be on the top of your list! Breaking Wind was directed by Craig Moss and executive produced by Guy Quigley. The entire spoof consists of several comedic references made to Twilight and it is guaranteed to have you laughing for days!


3. Shaun of the Dead

The movie Dawn of the Dead was classified to be one of the most horror movies to date as it managed to scare a large number of people across the globe. However, spoofs are amazing for this very reason. Filled with jokes and references that will have you rolling on the floor, the spoof is definitely well thought out, to say the least. It was directed by Edgar Wright and produced by Nira Park. Shaun of the Dead is a comedic parody of the otherwise horror movie and is definitely one of the funniest movies you will watch if you haven’t already!

Moreover, these are the top 3 comedy spoofs that you should add to your list to have the most enjoyable movie night ever!

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