Stand Up and Be Happy: Basic Tips On How To Improve Your Self-Esteem

We all want to live happily. The community that surrounds people nowadays is usually full of animosity and injustice. There are still people who think differently on instances that are unfamiliar and new. They tend to abuse any ideas that are interesting to make it more intriguing. For this reason, a lot of people still suffer from discrimination and alienation.

Furthermore, there are reasons why people get discriminated. Some of this reasons are; the color of their skin, their personal beliefs, and their educational attainment. Even the most straightforward reasons like the way they dress, the food they eat and also the way they talk also become a negative issue.

Because of this trend, a lot of people tend to lose their self-esteem. They lower their self-confidence and let other people dictate how they feel. People who have low self-worth always bear the idea of not having a social life for they have rejection anxiety. In more severe instances, people who suffer from discrimination cultivate the grim idea of suicide.

It doesn’t always have to be this way if you are or know someone who needs help, tries reaching out. Here are some tips that can help you boost your self-esteem to avoid suffering from discrimination.

Acknowledge Reality

The world isn’t revolving around us and never will it revolve around us. In this situation, you don’t  have any control of the things that the world provides you. You need to acknowledge the reality,  prepare for it, and settle your goals on a realistic view.

You must prepare yourself to do things that you don’t usually do. It can be a great help for you to improve your self-esteem and may lead you to a better and happy life. Because in the end, it’s always about how to lift ourselves up and improve for the better.

Accept the Real You

Every single achievement or breakdown you have or whatever you do will always go back to you. Knowing this fact, having low self-esteem also comes from you, which is why you need to find out what disturbs you the most.

Sort things out and reflect on it, find a way to mend any part of you that you dislike. You may look in the mirror and talk to yourself. See things clearly as you converse with yourself, try to accept who you are and motivate yourself. It may be weird, but it helps a lot when you want to lift yourself up.

Stop the Comparison

If you’re still comparing yourself to others and keep on dragging yourself down, you should stop doing so. You must see that we all have an undesirable aspect that we need to accept. You don’t have to change. Hence you just need to adjust and try to disregard the feeling of being jealous of others.

Sometimes it can be provoking to measure your worth with others. Hence, you should teach yourself to stop doing so. So what if you have a friend that is very good in basketball? You don’t need to envy him for that; you just need to figure out what’s best that you’ve got. Ask yourself what are your strengths, and be efficient with what you have.

Learn From Your Mistakes

If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up, or don’t lose your hope and confidence. Instead, make the best out of your errors and learn from it. Also, bear in mind that everyone living on planet earth makes mistakes, it’s human nature. That’s why don’t stress yourself out, get up and be bold.


The world we are living right now is very complex and challenging. We need to understand that this world complicates us especially when it comes to interacting with others. Hence, this should not be a reason for us to resist the idea of happiness. We can still be happy even if we may encounter too many downfalls, and rejections.

We may have many differences from others but do not let it pull you down. Remember that everyone is great at something, figure out what’s yours, and make the best out of it. Do not settle on low self-esteem, instead, boost it using your breakdowns and excel at every stage. You can also visit sites like Deal Wiki for your needs when you start to improve yourself.

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