Basic Fashion Concepts That You Should Know

There are many basic fashion concepts that you need to implement. As an example, you always need to incorporate white, gray, charcoal and navy colors in your design. They are neutral and important colors that you should have, which will go well with any kind of situation. You should look great in them and you won’t go out of style. You will never go wrong with these colors and it’s something that’s highly recommended. These colors can be seen as important building blocks of your overall designs. The color of your belt and shoes should always match. It is a common sense and you should never break this rule, regardless of your design styles. Having unmatched belt and shoes colors will look inappropriate in many ways. By breaking this cardinal fashion rule, you will add another unnecessary color to your design. Also, people will know that you are a fashion illiterate who don’t even know about basic fashion concepts. Whatever happen, you belt and shoes color should always match.

Another important concept is that attitude should be integrated with your fashion. If you don’t integrate attitude, people will think that you are not being sure or confident with what you wear. With the proper attitude, people will take you seriously. Fashion is more about making yourself look good, but also about non verbal communication and self reflection. You should give off positive vibes through your fashion styles and you need to do things that match those vibes. You should also need to build your personal wardrobe gradually. It is perfectly acceptable to have a few clothing and shoes as a start. You don’t need to rush in and buy many things at once, even if you have flexible budget for building your personal wardrobe. You should control your “wants” and prioritize more having a good plan. It means that each item in your wardrobe will be meaningful and not just another excess item that you barely ever wear. Some people are able to spend a few thousands of dollars each month for fashion items, but if you still can’t find something meaningful, then you shouldn’t buy anything for now.

Whatever you buy, quality does matter. If your budget is limited, it is still better to buy a few high quality items than many cheaper items. In reality, many high quality fashion items are not expensive. It takes some research and experience to determine high quality items. Many low quality items won’t fit right in and in many cases, they are not pre-shrunk, making them unwearable after being washed a few times. You need to wear well-fitted items and it’s a must. When choosing clothing, you should know that big logos are a no-go. It is important to make your clothing appears brand neutral. It is also important to find a few fashion role models that are in the same category and then stick with them. You should find correlations in the design styles. Adopting basic fashion concepts shouldn’t take a lot of time and effort to implement.

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