How To Overcome Challenges Of Having Active Lifestyle?

For many people, having an active lifestyle can be quite challenging. Physical activities can give you energy, make you feel more energetic and improve your mood. You should be able to get through your typical busy days. By being active you will have an improved sense of wellbeing, calm mind and reduced stress. Overall, physical activity can make you feel better and better. Your muscles will have balance, flexibility and strength. You will have healthy body weight and better health. Unfortunately, there are barriers that can prevent you from staying committed and motivated. Challenges may include all or nothing mindset, lack of time, having unrealistic goals, inconvenience, doing too much quickly, feeling too weak to get started, viewing physical exercises as drudgery, not making physical exercises as priority and having too many excuses. There are ways that can help us to get started and fully motivated. You need to get your body in full motion, such as for performing house chores and doing garden works.

Being physically active doesn’t always require specialized physical activities. As an example, you can run down and up the stairs in the workplace, instead of using the elevator. This will help to steadily improve your physical condition without allocating special exercise session. During your leisure time, you may dance 15 minutes to your favourite songs. While washing dishes, you can also do side leg lifts. It is a good idea to spend 20 minutes each day to take care of your garden. You need to take break every one hour in the workplace, so you can stand up and stretch your body. Instead of sending email or instant message, you may visit co-worker at his desk, even it means that you need to go to a different floor. When looking for entertainment, you should look things other than computer and television. By doing these little changes in your daily lives, you should be able to obtain bursts of energy that can help you stay active through the day.

During your daily activities, you should do proper intervals where you can fit in proper exercise sessions. Ten 3-minute physical activity sessions can be as good as a single 30-minute session. Every small change should add up each day and if you have a passive lifestyle, making things more active should be much easier to do. Stretching should become an essential part of your exercise routine because it is able to reduce susceptibility to injury, decrease stiffness, improved range of motion and improved flexibility. Blood should flow to our joints, making the more relaxed and active. After you have performed proper physical exercise and stretching, you should also incorporate strength training in your exercise routines. Strength training should allow you to burn calories, increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat. For serious couch potatoes, they may start exercising while watching television. The easiest way is to put the treadmill in front of your TV and you can do exercise while watching favourite TV programs. It means that you can get 30 minutes of physical exercise without getting bored.

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