How To Choose Stylish Watches For Physically Active Men?

Watches are devices that are often used for outdoor activities. It means that watches are often less protected than our smartphone and tablets. Due to exposure to the element and various external abuses, it is important that we choose the right kind of watch for our needs. Many men want to have stylish watches that can accommodate their active lifestyle. For this reason, they may choose watches that include the tachymeter feature. It’s an outer scale bezel located around the watch rim, which can be used to compute speed, based on a fixed distance and the time spent to cover it. With a tachymeter, we should be able to determine how fast we run for one mile of distance and it is the kind of intensity that many average runners could cover each morning. The chronograph could be started when a runner passes specific starting line and one mile is covered, you can stop the chronograph. We should be able to determine the speed in mph by checking the point on the tachymeter.

A good watch should also be waterproofed and appropriate for people who like to enjoy diving in the sea. The watch may include a timer to determine the remaining diving duration. Because sea water is harsher than pool water, it is important that the watch has proper water resistance capability. A cheaper watch may have water resistant label, but without depth indication. It may mean that the watch could handle only light splashes of water and it will be dead, once go under water. Water resistant feature should be indicated in meters.

  • 30 meters or 100 feet indicate that the watch would surely withstand a splash of water and light to moderate rain. This is a minimal standard and it is possible that the watch will eventually fail when used for swimming and diving more than a few times.
  • 30 meters or 165 feet indicate that the watch would surely withstand shower and heavy rain.
  • 100 meters or 330 feet are the minimal indicator for watches that can be used for snorkelling or regular swim.
  • 150 feet or 500 feet indicate that the watch is rugged enough for regular snorkelling or surfing sessions, but only occasional scuba diving
  • 200 feet or 660 feet allow you to go deep regularly with scuba diving sessions.

The watch shouldn’t only be rugged, but also stylish. After you find features that meet your needs, you also need styles that meet your personality. There are many stylish and rugged watches for men in the market. Common models may have polyurethane or technofiber straps. For an active lifestyle, you should watches with Arabic numerals that are easy to read. For exceptional accuracy, the watch should have Swiss automatic movement, as well as properly configured tachymeter and chronograph on the outer flange. Overall, you should look for a striking timepiece that can help yourselves to look exceptionally fabulous regardless of what you wear and what you do.

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