The Best Places To Spend Christmas In The UK

As we head into the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas preparations have begun and it is now the time to start planning for the season. The UK is one of the most beautiful places in the world to be during Christmas and they tend to pull out all the stops. Across the country, various cities and cultures have begun their plans for the annual Christmas markets and light show preparations.

If you have not experienced the various Christmas destinations scattered around the UK, it is important to know which are worth attending and which you might avoid. Christmas time around the UK is known to be quite costly in some areas, so it is also important to know where to spend your money if you have it to spare. We have whittled down some of the best Christmas destinations in the UK that we would personally recommend. You should plan ahead of time and avoid any disappointment if any of the cities become fully booked for the attractions or hotels. 


Edinburgh is a no-brainer to attend this year’s Christmas in Scotland. More specifically, Edinburgh is known to house some of the best Christmas decorations and events compared to the rest of the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is not only filled with some timeless buildings but these historic structures are brought to life with rows of dazzling Christmas lights. There is something for the whole family, from fairgrounds to mulled iron-bru, you will be spoilt for choice if you are planning on attending Edinburgh for a magical winter trip. Edinburgh is also a known location for creating a vintage british wedding theme.


Manchester is known for its original Christmas markets, being the first of its kind in the UK beginning in 1999. Manchester is a great place to visit mainly for its hundreds of Christmas market stalls. The whole city is created into a lengthy yet entertaining market crawl, with a selection of food, drinks, handmade gifts, and much more to be discovered. The buzzing city centre is illuminated with lights, and it also offers some great family fun adventures such as ice skating and Santas Grotto. Manchester is a great place to go this Christmas, but if you decide to visit you should bring some cash to spend. Although the markets are wholesome looking, the prices can catch some people by surprise. If you are coming with the expenditure for luxury streetwear, the stall prices shouldn’t catch you by surprise.


Spending your Christmas in London is another spectacular way to spend the season, and the vibrant city is no exception when it comes to pulling out all of the stops. London’s most famous Christmas attraction at Hyde Park is the selling point for visitors. It is there that they host the magical ‘Winter Wonderland’ in which there is an array of special rides, food stalls, and many opportunities to create wonderful memories. London also hosts a traditional German Christmas market like Manchester, and it is likewise worth visiting. 


If you are looking for a wholesome Christmas location, Cardiff is a beautiful yet underrated place to visit. Cardiff hosts fun fairs, ice rinks, and their alpine village. Cardiff’s Christmas markets are spread across the city, offering a selection of sweet treats and hot foods to keep you toasty and away from the cold. To top it all off, the famous Cardiff castle has its very own Santa Claus grotto where the kids can have a memorable experience with Santa himself. 

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