Why Streetwear is a Luxurious Matter


For years streetwear has been one of the most talked-about trends because of its relaxing fits, the lack of structure and luxury brands making this style so attractive. And for her, it has everything you need from daywear to a night on the town. Here’s a look at why streetwear is a luxurious matter for any women and men.


Why Luxury Retailers Love Streetwear?

Originally,  mens streetwear was made for activities such as skating, free running and dancing, but now has a high status in fashion with almost every celebrity wearing the style in their own way. As some of the original brands such as Supreme and Palace have offered streetwear for over 20 years, naturally when high fashion retailers see potential in the market to offer a luxe finish to casual clothing, they’ll want to be involved.

With luxury retailers wanting to be at the forefront of any trends, collaborations with some of the heritage brands help the customers see the high fashion brands as modern and streetwear. Brands such a Luis Vuitton, Gucci and Balenciaga can offer simple staple pieces for their normal luxury price, without really needing to show creativity. 

So, one of the main reasons high fashion brands have tapped into the streetwear market is to help attract a younger market. 5 years ago, you wouldn’t have 20-year-olds buying Gucci and now it’s all they want, so luxury is now idolised by more generations. 


Constantly Changing 

Streetwear isn’t just a certain style of clothing, it’s a culture. With that in mind, streetwear is constantly changing and adapts to new trends. While streetwear can be tracksuits, skater tees and sports trainers one season, it can just as easily be utility trousers, dads shoes and hi-vis the next. Because of this, streetwear is always a topic up for discussion and something everyone can continuously follow without feeling bored. 


Why Luxury Matters      

For her, the luxury edge adds intention to any casual streetwear style adding a pair of Balenciaga dad shoes to unbranded joggers and a track top shows statement style without people thinking you’ve just rolled out of bed. Designers getting behind streetwear means that women can stand out from the crowd while wearing different urban styles.

The majority of styles and garments that are released are limited edition such as mens graphic t-shirts brand FADED, which is deliberately done to make it ‘hard-to-get’. Most are more than happy to combine cheaper staple pieces of streetwear with designer touches, which is another great thing about streetwear. It’s one style where you can truly mix and match and it’ll go unquestioned.

While affordable brands do offer reasonable streetwear, following the luxury trends means you’re constantly ahead. Making a statement with your clothing before the highstreet has time to keep up. It’s all on personal preference, but streetwear and luxury are here to stay so you may as well be part of it.


Women’s Streetwear Brands

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe with a luxury edge there are some brands to get behind that offer sophisticated design and quality:


Off-White – a designer that constantly changes its look. While it does have staple pieces that offer heavy branding, you can expect a complete variety of hi-vis, camo, joggers and denim paired together in unconventional ways.

Noah – Imagine streetwear for grown-ups. Noah comes for the creative director of Supreme and offers a tailored mix between streetwear and smart. Unusual combinations with luxury fabric make this brand stand out.

I.AM.GIA – an Instagram born brand that’s pushed itself to offer iconic streetwear. With snakeskin boots being matched with cargo pants, the brand is ready to make a bold change to any women’s wardrobe.

BAPE – with a love for camo prints and iconic graphics, BAPE is a brand that stands out. The brand is popular in eastern Asia and over the past few years has begun its reign in the UK & USA with their shark graphic hoodies and backpacks.


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