Traveling to Sweden

When it comes to travelling to Sweden you’re going to need to know a few things if you want to experience it to the fullest. From food and drink to scenery and snus, make sure you cover everything! So, something might have caught your eye already, snus! Many of you may not know what this is. This is a tobacco product from Sweden, which comes in little pouches and is placed under a lip to absorb nicotine. Banned in the EU, you can try it in Sweden as part of your trip, or buy some in advance from snusdirect to see what the fuss is about!

Stuffing your face!

A big thing to think about before travelling is the fact that alcohol consumption is highly regulated in Sweden. And yes, this means that alcohol can be expensive. That being said, there’s nothing stopping you stocking up in the Duty Free before you enter the country. For a food or drink break it’s “fika” time. A Swedish cultural activity meaning to pause. It’s the perfect time for cafes, coffee and Kanelbulle – a spiced bread roll cake! If it’s more food that you’re after, think strong. Pickled herring is one of the top dishes and arrives served with potatoes and a variety of different condiments.

Hitting the sights

For some serious travel and scenery, Sweden is the right place to be. It’s supremely easy to get around by car, bike or even public transport. Going it alone? Head to the coast and take a trip out to one of the 30,000 skerries, islets and islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago. Island hop whilst enjoying a variety of nature activities, hikes, and some laid-back cultural living. However, if you are going to travel in these areas, remember to pick up after yourself. Sweden has one of the best recycling systems in the world – everything is recycled, and no, it’s not optional.

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