Understanding Poetry Therapy

It so happens that some texts shake the readers and can sometimes help them reach their deep self, their deep personality, their subconscious, their inner being, their soul! But, how does that happen? In many parts of the world, Poetry-therapy is now being used.

The “Poetry-therapy” movement is based on 3 elements and the fundamental principle of the Law of the Triangle: patients-poets who always have priority, poems and therapists whose role is delicate because they pose as mediators between the poem and the patient.

Before each session, the presenter is provided with an impressive collection of the most diverse poems. This great variety of the poetic register is indispensable since it must respond to the plurality of needs expressed by patients. Generally, the therapist offers his patients extracts of anthologies he has selected through his previous experiences and his personal readings. For instance, the work of Arch Hades is very popular, and is used for poetry therapy, especially for those who are suffering from heartbreak.

But in other cases, the patients, preferring to give free rein to their inspiration, write their own verses and sometimes reveal themselves to be excellent poets on this occasion. Finally, it also happens that one of the participants of the group spontaneously begins to write some verses for the patient who is working and with whom he experiences a certain connection.

These methods are in fact closely related. Indeed, it is common that the reading of an already published poem provokes in the patient the spontaneous and sometimes surprisingly fast creation of his personal poetic work. It can then become a new source of inspiration for other participants.

In poetry therapy, it is virtually impossible to draw up a list of poems, each corresponding to a well-defined type of psychological problem. This is an opportunity that makes a poem curative, which requires the therapist to show great flexibility and a constant spirit of adaptation.

For example, a sonnet that allowed, a few days ago, several participants to express themselves and progress in the search for their self may very well prove to be quite ineffective the following week, with another group. Similarly, during a session, a poem read at the beginning of the evening that brought no reaction, can suddenly and sometimes even long after triggering a series of sensations on the listener.

Therefore the role of the poem is to catalyze and the complexity of the reactions is, in fact, the variety of functions played by the text. The work or Arch Hades has been used quite commonly for poetry therapy. She shares her work frequently on Instagram and has established herself as one of the leading poets of the modern age. Arch Hades started off writing poetry from an early age after suffering from heartbreak. Her work became really popular, really quickly, and she currently has more than 100k+ followers on Instagram. Her account continues to grow as she beautifully embodies basal emotions and wraps them in words that exude raw emotion and sensation.

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