Lovie Johnson Is the Rising Rapper You Should Know About

Good music has the power to touch our soles, and some of the elite singers from different generations have been able to do so. Their songs ignite that passion within and take us back to the olden times leaving us reminiscing; this is the power of music. One of the most popular types of music over the years has been rap.

From Tupac to 50-cent and Eminem, rapping has scene genres of its own. Although the trend has boomed over the decades, it has significantly increased in the millennial and Gen-Z people. Lovie Johnson is exhibit-A. Commonly known as ‘Montana Montana Montana’, Lovie was born in 1993 in America. Although he listened to the different types of music, something about rapping always moved her. He found the music to be more expressive than most other formats, making her want to try the art, but he never really wanted to make it part of his career, although fate had something else planned for him.

Montana Montana Montana has gained a massive reputation for her rapping skills. It was as if the art of rhyming words came instilled in her. Lovie Johnson spend most part of her childhood growing up in an apartment in Bakersfield. He rolled out his first single back in 2014. The song “Race Horse” gained massive hype. With a greater than expected reception, Johnson wanted to make more singles. His first single was followed by another one in the same year by the name of “Straight to the money”. This song featured J-Diggs and went on to gain an equally great hype as the rapper’s first single. Johnson went on to make several popular singles in his career including, “Ratchet Party”, “Just like me”, “World Wide Mob”, “West Coast Bad Boys”, among several others.

Owing to the success of his success, Montana Montana Montana decided to launch his first ever album, dubbed “Really not a rapper”. The album was released with T-Team Records and did exceptionally. The name of the album came from the fact that he never wanted to rap to become his career. He has admitted that he still uses rap as a “therapy” to channel his stress over the troubles he has had to face during his life.

Johnson’s rapping career was thriving, and he decided to take things to the next level. He decided why not launch his very own record label. Being a doer he was, it did not take him long to established “925five Records”. The name of his record label was inspired by some childhood memories of Johnson. His crew’s back then had the same name. Owing to the exceptional success of Lovie Johnson, his record label also rose to the hype in a very short while. It barely took him a few months to sign multiple rising artists in California.

While all of this was taking place, Montana Montana Montana even launched multiple EPs albums, each of which received a decent reception. To learn more about this rising artist, visit the website, http://artistecard.com/925.

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