Traveler’s Dream: 5 Best World-Known Hotels for Luxury Stay

What are the fundamental secrets of a successful journey? Many tourists agree that they include a great mood, the right place to visit, a convenient way of traveling, as well as comfortable living conditions.

Well, the first 2 points depend on the traveler himself. As for transport, then rentalcars24h car rental will be the best way to move wherever you go. And, of course, to fully enjoy your vacation, you can stay in the following hotels, which are recognized as the best lodging options in the world…

Armani Hotel Dubai, UAE

Oddly enough, but Dubai became the place where the first hotel created by Giorgio Armani appeared. Armani Hotel Dubai occupies eleven floors of the tallest building in the world, known as the Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

(photo by ArmaniHotelDubai)

Everything is perfect in this hotel: its location in the most prestigious area of ​​Dubai Down Town, the exquisite design of ingeniously simple, and at the same time extremely stylish interiors and the comfort of spacious rooms with large panoramic windows, which open a magnificent view of the city. Another highlight of the Armani Hotel is the excellent specialty restaurants, famous for their impeccable cooking of original dishes of Japanese, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

The minimum price for one night in Armani Hotel Dubai is from $650.


Auberge Du Soleil, USA

Auberge du Soleil was opened in Northern California in 1985. It was founded by a former Frenchman who had previously kept small restaurant of French wines, which had once gained popularity throughout the state. Now Auberge Du Soleil has become not only one of the most expensive hotels in California. With enviable regularity, it falls into the top best resorts in the United States.

(photo by Auberge Resorts)

From the windows of the hotel you can admire a wonderful view of Napa Valley, famous for its chic vineyards and wonderful olive groves. The hotel features 29 rooms and two private mansions. The cost of one night is from $1100.


Baur au Lac, Switzerland

For the past 16 decades, Baur au Lac in Zurich has steadfastly kept in the top of the best not only in Europe, but also in the world arena. Of course, this hotel was lucky, because although it’s located near the business district of Paraderplatz, the chic garden saves it from the hustle and bustle, and the windows of Baur au Lac provide a magnificent view of Lake Zurich, the Schanzengraben Canal and the Alps.

(photo by Mason Rose)

It’s believed that the walls of this hotel once hid many secrets, because Johann Baur, who built it in the middle of the 19th century, often received high-ranking people traveled there.

Another great detail: the same family owns the hotel for over a hundred years. Perhaps this is what allows Baur au Lac to remain faithful to the traditions to this day, although the hotel owners don’t forget about the need to equip rooms with modern technical innovations.

Baur au Lac is also attractive because it’s located in the center of theatrical life – right next to the Opera building. Nearby, there are a large concert hall and several theaters.

A single room in Baur au Lac will cost you from $600.


Capella Pedregal, Mexico

Chic Capella Pedregal on the land of the descendants of the mysterious Maya attracts more and more wealthy guests every year. Located two kilometers away from the center of Cabo San Lucas, the hotel is almost ideal spot for a bright and romantic holiday – it amazes with the luxury and sophistication of whimsical design.

(photo by Capella Pedregal , Cabo San Lucas, México)

The hotel has 117 spacious rooms for the price starting from $825. The area of each suite is about 72 square meters, and they offer fantastic views from the windows. The hotel has its own harbor, and a wonderful garden.

Capella Pedregal features a library and an outdoor pool, as well as a yacht club and a spa. Restaurants with unique Latin American cuisine and a few souvenir shops, where you can buy statues of Indian gods and patterned outfits in ethnic style are also at lodgers’ disposal.


Condado Plaza Hilton, Puerto Rico

572 comfortable rooms of Condado Plaza Hilton are always at the service of those tourists who arrive in San Juan, Condado district in Puerto Rico. The hotel is located a couple of minutes’ walk from San Juan Cathedral, Condado Beach, San Juan Gate and Santa Catalina Palace.

(photo by David Gonzalez)

The ten-floor Condado Plaza Hilton has three outdoor pools and a private beach, a tennis court and five restaurants. Visitors who come to relax with the whole family may be provided with a childcare service. In general, the list of services at the hotel is much higher than usual. It even includes the organization of the marriage procedure for the guests.

The most attentive attitude of the Condado Plaza Hilton staff towards people with disabilities is of particular note. For such guests, there are specially equipped rooms, Braille signs on the doors, a special bathroom, parking, tracks designed for the passage of a wheelchair, a shower, and equipment for visitors who have hearing problems.



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