5 Plus Size Favourite Autumn/Winter Trends

With Autumn in full effect and the weather requiring some new/ more appropriate outfits, it might be time to start shopping the high-street again. Autumn is a great time of year to shop, with different trends making an appearance and the need to layer, this excitement to shop is no different for anyone who is plus-sized. There may be times you have to be savvier with what you choose to wear to get the look you want, and if you’re unsure of what your favourite styles are, here’s a look at five plus size Autumn trends you’ll love.


Winter Floral Dresses

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a dress for the evening or daytime, plenty of retailers are offering different dresses with deep floral tones on them to match the beautiful time of year we are in. The style is best worn in a mid-length in a wrap style to flatter your shape, the dark colours and the shape of the dress are guaranteed to make you feel confident.


Tapered trousers

Perfect for a night on the town or in a working environment, a tapered trouser is the perfect way to highlight the top you choose to wear. The fitted look tends to be available in a stretch material as comfort is a must, and you don’t need to shy away from bold check patterns or a metallic print which has been seen in stores more than you think. Embrace the style with a slimming top, heels to define your legs and womens designer belts to complete the fashion-forward feeling.


Sweater Dresses

If you tend to avoid the fitted styles, a sweater dress is comfort and style in true harmony. Light greys, dark reds or any other autumn inspired colour makes this style dress look amazing this time of year, and buying some knee-high suede boots makes the final look much warmer and sophisticated.


Bonus tip, tonal matching works just as well during the autumn as it does in the summer, if you can find some accessories or a jacket in a slightly off tone to your sweater dress, try the look out and see what you think.


Vinyl Skirts

Vinyl skirts are like leather, with slightly more shine to them and they’re such a simple look to pull off! A little black skirt should be in everyone’s wardrobe ready to be worn for any last-minute plans. A straight black skirt can be easily matched up with a plain t-shirt and gold chain belt which still looks acceptable for evening attire, and by adding tights and a couple of layers over your top, it also works as a casual daytime look too.


Party Special: Jumpsuits

The autumn and winter seasons are full of different celebrations to get involved in, and if you’re tired of all the dresses in your wardrobe, it might be time to buy a jumpsuit. Available in hundreds of different styles, jumpsuits are a great way to accentuate your curves and feel great all evening. Choker neck jumpsuits are an autumn trend that you can try is a few different colours, they’ve been worn in velvet or valour in dark colours for a festive finish, and the choker neck defines the look to make it stand out from other styles. If you plan on wearing heels, a cropped leg helps your shoes to stand out and become the highlight of the full outfit.


Naturally, there are plenty of other styles to try, but from what’s currently been seen online and in stores, these are some outfits that are bound to make you feel confident whenever you wear them.

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