Top Female Athletes Who Changed the Game

Success is measured very differently in the sporting industry as players are judged according to their skill set not their bank balances. It is a common norm for athletes to earn staggering amounts of money but only a handful of the professionals actually achieve icon status. Furthermore, now due to the high number of sports organizations out there, many people are given chances to showcase their skills. These people would previously have to rely on sheer talent and luck.

One organization seeking to help thousands of athletes achieve their dreams is the Premier Players Sports Foundation. This is an American nonprofit organization which was founded in 2004. They provide sports equipment and funds to athletes who have financial constraints. Many stars today have started from humble beginnings provided to them by these organizations. Furthermore, these institutions have actually contributed to the cultivation of famous sports and athletes.

These days the female sports industry is at its boom due to the incredible efforts of numerous female athletes. Due to the incredible number of female athletes, it can be very tough to keep up with the most renowned. To alleviate this complexity here’s a list of the top female athletes in the world today:

Serena Williams

She is ranked as one of the most visible tennis players and is currently the most decorated female player to grace the court. She has numerous grand slams and her technique is simply unparalleled in comparison. Serena Williams has also appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair and is renowned for her ferocious approach to tennis.

Maria Sharapova

Another female tennis player who had taken the world by storm is Maria Sharapova. She has won five grand slams and has a memoir which reached the bestselling list. Maria has her own line of perfumes and sporting apparel as well.

Sania Nehwal

Sania is an Indian badminton player who is so good at her sport that she won multiple tournaments with serious injuries. Sania has won bronze in the world championship and nabbed a gold medal in the badminton singles event. She has inspired thousands of Indian women to indulge in sports and try to establish a career in this industry. She has set up multiple establishments for financially restricted girls who would want a career in sports.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is an American professional wrestler, professional mix martial artist, actress and author. She initially began her career in MMA where she became the face of the industry. After her devastating loss to holly, she then ventured into the Hollywood. Ronda featured in a couple of movies before signing a contract with the world wrestling entertainment. Her dedication and talent have made her one of the most famous female athletes in the world.

These are currently the top four female athletes from all around the world. They have paved the way for younger female athletes and have proven just how talented they really are.

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