7 Tips Your Personal Trainer Won’t Give You

Personal trainers are very important and have always been better help than working alone or with a friend who is also a beginner too. They constantly motivate you, make sure your body’s posture is befitting the gym workout and will give you the right food plans for ultimate results.

So what do personal trainers not show you?

  1. Not every trainer has a hot set of abs. A personal trainer’s core task is to get you in shape and their own physique should have no effect upon their capability as a trainer. Make your judgment for a trainer based on their work history, their attitude, and their reputation. Take James Michael Lafferty, for example. He is a professional track and field coach and has coached Nigerian Marathon in 2012 London Olympics and Philippines team at 2016 Rio Olympics. He also co-founded the world’s first and largest beginner’s marathon, THE BULL RUNNER DREAM MARATHON, held each February in Manila. He has even been the CEO of companies like Coca-Cola and Procter and Gamble. He has run over 30 marathons and is a 3-time national champion in the Philippines in powerlifting (Bench press).
  2. If you want abs, you should know that they are made in the kitchen. If there’s one thing personal trainers don’t want you to know so that their job remains relevant it’s that even if you build all your core muscles, if you don’t eat right there’s not going to be any results.
  3. They are not nutritionists because when a trainer becomes certified, they become known as a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). When your fitness trainer clears the CSCS, get advice for workouts from her but diet advice should be from a nutritionist.
  4. Research published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine reveals that in the average gym, 63 percent of the machines have rhinoviruses—compounds that are responsible for more than half of all common cold diagnoses.
  5. They can smell you, they just don’t make you feel bad about it. “Keep in mind that the gym is a closed environment, often without much air circulation,” says Jenn Zerling, the author of ‘Breaking the Chains of Obesity: 107 Tools’. “Your outdoor running group may not notice if you wear the same tank for a week, but odors are magnified inside.”
  6. All gyms overbook members because the number of people that sign up is significantly lesser than the people who show up. If every single individual who signed up for the gym went to the gym every day then there would be no space at all in any sports club. On an episode of Planet Money, it was shown that one Planet Fitness location, for instance, signed up 6,000 members in January 2014. Their capacity? 300.
  7. Not all fitness trainers are certified and according to Menezes, most of these personal trainers take “Some take multiple-choice online tests and use that, plus their visible muscles, to get hired.”

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