Moving into a Nursing Home – Simple Things to Know

Elders are among the most important people in many people’s lives. When the time comes that the difficult decision of having to move into a nursing home needs to be addressed, remember to approach the subject very carefully. Seniors tend to be a little sensitive to the fact of breaking up their routine by moving to another place. Therefore, it is essential to consider the following tips to help you make the transition easier for them.

  1. Be kind: Although this may seem obvious, a lot of people lose their patience very easily. It can be especially difficult to have this discussion with a senior suffering from dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Be sure to assist them in packing their belongings and making this transition as smooth for them as possible.
  2. Help maintain order: Like everyone else, older people tend to keep things that, over the years, may accumulate to quite a large amount of unnecessary items.  Have a garage sale or suggest donating items that may be of need to someone else. Of course, if an item holds sentimental value for your loved one, and it fits in their new living space, be sure to keep that. It can make the transition to a new home easier.
  3. Take photos of your home: If possible, take pictures of the interior of your room. Keep a record of where to place your items and try to arrange them in a similar fashion so that their new home has a sense of familiarity. Be as detailed as possible, from the distribution of furniture in the bedroom to the placement of valuables.
  4. Find out the layout of the new home: It is vital that you find out how much space the new place has. If you move from a larger room to a smaller one, it is important to decide what things may not fit in the new place. Do not put in furniture that might clutter the room, making it difficult for your loved one to move around – especially if they require a wheelchair or motorized scooter.
  5. Dedicate time: Take a day off to spend exclusively with the person making the move. Assign them small tasks, such as answering the telephone or arranging the desk. Twenty minutes a day doing a single task is enough to make seniors feel helpful and useful. Make sure to assign them tasks that they are able to complete.
  6. Give enough time: Do not rush a move on a senior. It is important to give them time to become comfortable with the changes.

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