How a Great Mom like Adrianne White manages to keep up with Her Career?

Women usually tend to hang up their boxing gloves when they learn of their pregnancy. Having a child and taking care of them is a beast of a responsibility, and you need to constantly be hands-on during the entire process. The prospect of putting in double the effort in raising another human right can make anyone want to pull the plug on the things. However, there are some mothers who still manage to soldier on and take the rough with the smooth.

One of these mothers is Adrianne Elizabeth White. To categorize White under just one category would be an understatement to her career. Channeling her free Arkansas spirit, White decided to try her hand in different feats. Those attempts did not go unrewarded as it was evident that she did well wherever she went.

A normal day in her town Fayetteville would consist of riding horses, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and riding dirt bikes. She then acquired a degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. However, with the adventurous brought-up that she had had, she could not ditch the free-spirited life for a job that required sitting behind a desk. So she decided to soak in all the essential life lessons that her subjects had to teach her, and set out to design her own life the way she saw fit.

As she grew older, she found her true calling within the media industry. She knew that it was here that she could showcase her pent up energy and vivaciousness. She first dipped her toe in the water with a modeling career. Her classic good looks, svelte figure, and raging confidence immediately got her affiliated with the biggest names in the industry like Victoria’s Secret, True Religion, Joe Boxer, Ed Hardy, Free People, and Dell and David’s Bridal. But that was not it.  Once the modeling industry had accepted her as one of them, she decided to branch out a little and tried her hand at acting. As before, she hit the jackpot with an award-winning feature film called Prodigy. In this movie, she played the role of Emily, of “Prodigy” who is the mother of the prodigy. However, if you thought White was going to stop there, then you have been mistaken. With her career now thriving, she moved on to explore another one of her passions, and that is activism.

White has been involved with several different organizations that advocate for social workers, environmental pollution, and animal welfare. She has been an active part of communities such as Save the Children, Humane Society, National Resource Defense Council, and About Face.

She was able to achieve all of this while bringing up two beautiful kids at the same time. Yes, you read that right. She has been taking care of two children as she keeps consistent at building her CV even further, and by the looks of it, there is no stopping her.

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