5 tips to return to dating after the breakup of a long relationship

Go on dates after a breakup? A resounding “no” could go through the mind of anyone who has just put an end to a long-standing relationship. And an emotional breakup puts the brain in stress, resulting in “emotional, psychological and even physical effects.”

Before the bleak panorama, the ideal is to pass a stage of mourning. The complex, for some, is “back to the ring”: meet new people, allow yourself to go on a date and go a little further, fall in love again after an important and long relationship.

When the stability stage arrives and you have realized that “you left behind the worst of your separation, you dedicate time to yourself and define what you want in the field of dating”, then it is time to give yourself a chance and see others horizons.

So, take note of these five tips to resume “the dating game”:

  1. Do not put pressure on yourself

Leaving from appointment to appointment should not be a requirement (much less an obligation) after leaving your ex-partner behind. According to psychologists, the best time to go out again will depend solely on you. You can resume some activities that you may have left aside to enjoy your relationship. You can spend time with your family, friends; but, above all, yourself.

  1. You don’t need a partner

Keep in mind that starting a “dating” stage does not indicate that you should find a boyfriend/girlfriend anymore. The saying “one nail takes out another nail” is not always true to the letter. Remember that success will not be measured in how many dates you had, in the number of boys/girls you “flirt” or in how quickly you have a partner again. Give yourself time to meet people; from these meetings, you can find interesting and pleasant talks, new friendships, and have a good time. Stop a moment in smelling the roses and don’t get stuck on the labels.

  1. Technology, a good ally

If you are no longer ready to flirt in a bar or those old strategies, then join new tools for dating. In this modern era, where social networks monopolize everything, give yourself a chance to explore dating apps. These “make it easy for you to meet very diverse people who will open your panorama about the options you have.”

We recommend you to head to the platform of Single and Sober, an online dating platform for adults where a community of people is looking for clean and healthy interactions. It is getting popular among different sorts of people, and it also helps those who have entered sobriety and are looking to revitalize their dating lives. Single and Sober is a perfect platform for anyone looking to secure a date, and it is relatively easier and simpler.

  1. Do not idealize relationships

By being open to meeting new people, emotion may dominate more than reason. Quiet! That crossing of glances with a boy from your work or the platonic story — previously forgotten — with your childhood friend is not necessarily a fairy tale that will end at the altar. Allow yourself time to get to know the new “prospects” well.

  1. You can say no to “replay”

The chances of finding a guy/girl with physical traits and characteristics similar to your ex are high, but you must be aware that “repeating patterns is problematic.” It may be that nostalgia or custom leads you to a similar woman/man. You should not forget the ‘why’ you separated in the first place.

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