4 Street Brands to Look Out for in 2019

While streetwear culture is constantly changing it can be difficult to keep up with all the new brands that pop up. New urban streetwear brands need to offer a unique selling point these days and if you’re looking for some new brands to follow, here are 4 that offer a difference to the normal.


Be Yourself Clothing

A brand that’s ethos is for all their customer to simply be themselves. Jesse Lingard, the Manchester United footballer has created this streetwear label to spread positivity. The label offers both womens and mens urban clothing, and usually has a scribble style label on the garments. 


If the brand’s morals aren’t enough of a selling point for you, Be Yourself also offer a unique collection of urban wear, currently with a tech/shell style to tracksuits. The label also offers essentials tops, hoodies and joggers for anyone looking for day to day wear.


Provision & Co

Since streetwear is a combination of most trends, biker and tattoo inspired brands such as P&Co can offer a new edge. P&Co offer a complete collection of detailed garments and accessories inspired by biker gear, large graphics, caps, backpacks and biker jacket makes this brand stand out. P&Co’s use of skulls, eagles, snakes and more offer a tattoo inspired detail that is hard to come by with clothing.



Founded in 1995 this UK brand offers a little of everything to everyone. This creative brand offers its logo in many different shapes and sizes with staple pieces creating the perfect street finish.


Based in the heart of East London, B-Side has remained an independently owned and run brand that has also remained affordable, when similar heritage brands have chosen to inflate their prices to OTT amounts. 


Dream But Do Not Sleep

A brand created by an 18-year-old just after leaving college. He has been growing this brand since 2012 and finds inspiration for his streetwear from clubs, raves and their flyers. DBDNS uses colour and graphic as its selling point, offering streetwear ready for a party. 


The garments are at the higher end of affordable, but their unique styles give you more reason to invest a little extra into it.

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